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Press Relations Department


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these editorials are those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily reflect the position of The SETI League, Inc., its Trustees, officers, Advisory Board, members, donors, or commercial sponsors.

Note: Guest editorials pertaining to SETI are solicited. Please email your proposed topic and a brief abstract.

Jun 2024Seven Dyson Sphere CandidatesPaul Gilster
May 2024Interstellar Propulsion in The Three Body ProblemPaul Gilster
Apr 2024Andrew Siemion Receives Drake AwardSETI Institute
Mar 2024When Radio Astronomy Takes You Off The Beaten PathNicole Gugliucci
Feb 2024Happy Birthday, Jill!SETI Institute
Jan 2024Because Times Are ToughH. Paul Shuch
Dec 2023DownsizingH. Paul Shuch
Nov 2023SETI RationaleKavli Foundation
Oct 2023The Truth Is Out There. But this UFO "whistleblower" likely doesn't have itSeth Shostak
Sep 2023A Signal in Space - A DialogH. Paul Shuch and Daniela DePaulis
Aug 2023Remembering Muriel HykesH. Paul Shuch
Jul 2023Soon, Humanity Won't Be Alone in the UniverseDavid Brin
Jun 2023Something About LightDan Duda
May 2023Where Is Everybody?Dan Duda
Apr 2023Black Holes According To Chat GPTBill Kitchen
Mar 2023An Unwelcome ReplyAndrew Fraknoi
Feb 2023Maxwell's DemonDan Duda
Jan 2023

Radio Transmissions Seek to Measure Asteroid

Beth Johnson
Dec 2022Green Bank Artist In Residence ReportDaniela De Paulis
Nov 2022Why NASA should have a do-over on the name of JWSTJason Wright
Oct 2022QuintessenceDan Duda
Sep 2022Pivot PointKim Maxwell
Aug 2022ComplementarityDan Duda
Jul 2022Passing the SETI TorchH. Paul Shuch
Jun 2022Time AgainDan Duda
May 2022Galaxies CollidingDan Duda
Apr 2022Understanding the Drake EquationSeth Shostak
Mar 2022Special Projects ReportScott Carter
Feb 2022Why Do Volunteers Have To Pay Dues?H. Paul Shuch
Jan 2022SETI League Salutes John MatherH. Paul Shuch
Nov 2021SETI League Welcomes New IAA SETI Committee Leadership TeamH. Paul Shuch
Oct 2021SETI Institute's Allen Telescope Array threatened by wildfireRebecca McDonald
Sep 2021Please Help Afghani ScientistsTeresa Lago
Aug 2021Sonia and the Spirit of SETIElisabeth Piotelat
Jul 2021Pandemic Assistance - Just Around the CornerH. Paul Shuch
Jun 2021Martian ChopperSeth Shostak
May 2021In Support of The Next Generation Arecibo TelescopeClaudio Maccone
Apr 2021Annual Meeting Goes VirtualH. Paul Shuch
Feb 2021Support The Next Generation Arecibo TelescopeH. Paul Shuch
Jan 2021The Spirit of AreciboJoseph Lazio
Dec 2020What Is An Exoplanet?Val Klavans
Nov 2020How Many Habitable Planets are Out There?Seth Shostak
Oct 2020Regarding Detection of Phosphine in VenusIAU Commission F3
Sep 2020UFOs - Hoping for the ProofSeth Shostak
Aug 2020Why Look for Extraterrestrial Life?Seth Shostak
Jul 2020How Many Alien Societies Are There?Seth Shostak
Jun 2020Happy Birthday, HSTSeth Shostak
May 2020Life As We Know ItDan Duda
Apr 2020We're Doing OKH. Paul Shuch
Mar 2020Consciousness–AgainDan Duda
Feb 2020Consciousness–The Hard QuestionDan Duda
Dec 2019Finally, a Nobel for ExoplanetsH. Paul Shuch
Nov 2019Hello Out There!Dan Duda
Oct 2019Fast Radio BurstsSeth Shostak
Sep 2019Aether OrDan Duda
Aug 2019Storming Area 51Seth Shostak
Jun 2019Searching for Alien MegastructuresSeth Shostak
Mar 2019Contemplating a New Arecibo MessageDavid Brin
Jan 2019I Really Cannot Do It AloneH. Paul Shuch
Dec 2018The Hard ProblemDan Duda
Nov 2018Little Green ManH. Paul Shuch
Oct 2018Why Don't We Answer Your Emails?Muriel Hykes
Sep 2018No Longer Science FictionH. Paul Shuch
Aug 2018Why Should We Update the Rio Scale?Elisabeth Piotelat
Jul 2018Simple Math Shows How Many Space Aliens May Be Out ThereSeth Shostak
Jun 2018Alien Satellites Might Offer a New Way to Find ETSeth Shostak
May 2018Ironic RebelsDan Duda
Mar 2018Quantifying Earth's Electromagnetic LeakageFrank D. Drake
Feb 2018On Ursula Le GuinPaul Gilster
Jan 2018Is SETI News Harmful to Radioastronomy?Ignas Snellen
Dec 2017Rio Scale: Imperfect But Not MeaninglessH. Paul Shuch
Nov 2017What Happens Next If We Find Proof of Space Aliens?Seth Shostak
Oct 2017Out With The In CrowdDan Duda
Sep 2017The Great American Eclipse of 2017H Paul Shuch
Aug 2017Space Entrepreneur Thinks Aliens Are Here. Is He Right?Seth Shostak
Jul 2017SETI and the Meaningless Rio ScaleJohn Traphagan
Jun 2017What's the Matter!Dan Duda
May 2017Planning the PlanetsJohn Boardman
Apr 2017Keppler Data on TRAPPIST-1 Coming OnlinePaul Gilster
Mar 2017How Far Can We Hear?Michael Busch
Feb 2017Why Humanity Should Be Messaging Extraterrestrial IntelligenceBill Kitchen
Jan 2017Is Amateur Optical SETI Feasible?Marlin (Ben) Schuetz
Dec 2016Freelancing and Interstellar MessagePaul Gilster
Nov 2016Three Questions to PonderEd Trice
Oct 2016Arecibo's Ripples in SpacetimeWilliam F. Vartorella
Sep 2016Don't Stop the PressesH. Paul Shuch
Aug 2016Creating RealityDan Duda
Jul 2016Hiding From Aliens Is No Longer An OptionBruce Dorminey
Jun 2016Reviewing METIJohn Gertz
May 2016Is Active SETI Really Dangerous?John Traphagan
Apr 2016Mixed MessagesLouise Butler
Mar 2016Einstein's GravitasDan Duda
Feb 2016One With EverythingDan Duda
Jan 2016Comet, Asteroid, Planet, or Dwarf?John Boardman
Dec 2015Just What Is Waving?Dan Duda
Nov 2015Encounter with Con MenMichael Swanwick
Oct 2015A KBO Target for New HorizonsPaul Gilster
Sep 2015Clear As A BellDan Duda
Aug 2015Knowable and UnknowableMichael Michaud
Jul 2015A Planet Reborn?Paul Gilster
Jun 2015Irrational!Dan Duda
May 2015Entering the Twenty-First CenturyH. Paul Shuch
Apr 2015An Appraisal of METI RationalizationsDavid Brin
Mar 2015The Goldilocks PrincipleDan Duda
Feb 2015Je Suis CharlieElisabeth Piotelat
Jan 2015Alan Turing and the Five Sigma Theory of ProgressSeth Shostak
Dec 2014Is Quantum Science Under Attack?Dan Duda
Nov 2014Schrödinger's MomH. Paul Shuch
Oct 2014Does Size Matter?Dan Duda
Sep 2014Mapping the Interstellar MediumPaul Gilster
Aug 2014The Search Gets HarderJill Tarter
Jul 2014New Horizons - Hubble Hunts KBOsPaul Gilster
Jun 2014Anthropocentric DeceptionDan Duda
May 2014Close to Earth Size, in the HZPaul Gilster
Apr 2014Contemplating MortalityH. Paul Shuch
Mar 2014Prophet Without HonorH. Paul Shuch
Feb 2014Scala Naturae: Alive and Well in Modern TimesLori Marino
Jan 2014Quantum Weirdness and ConsistencyEd Chatterton
Dec 2013Warp Drive: Engage!Dan Duda
Nov 2013Works of FictionJohn Boardman
Oct 2013SETI's New HorizonsH. Paul Shuch
Sep 2013How to be Understood by AliensMichael Busch
Aug 2013Will Extraterrestrials Understand A Message We Send?Michael Chorost
Jul 2013Clouds in the Habitable ZonePaul Gilster
Jun 2013Extraterrestrial Visitors? No Way!John Boardman
May 2013Does the Universe Have an Agenda?Dan Duda
Apr 2013UFO DefinedPhilip A. Stahl
Mar 2013Humanity is perfectly visible to extraterrestrialsAlexander Popoff
Feb 2013A Telescope on the MoonJon Lomberg
Jan 2013Tau Ceti's Five Planet CandidatesPaul Gilster
Dec 2012Pearl Harbor ProtocolsH. Paul Shuch
Nov 2012Rummaging in the DataPaul Gilster
Oct 2012The Movie ContactRob Sawyer
Sep 2012Neutrino Communications: An Interstellar Future?Paul Gilster
Aug 2012Eternal Monuments Among the StarsPaul Gilster
Jul 2012Encyclopedia Galctica Jon Lomberg
Jun 2012Rethinking SETI's TargetsPaul Gilster
May 2012Alien Probes For Real?Seth Shostak
Apr 2012Their Fears are UnfoundedStephane Dumas
Mar 2012National Parks on the Moon?Seth Shostak
Feb 2012Let the Search ContinuePaul Gilster
Jan 2012The Politics of ProtocolsH. Paul Shuch
Dec 2011The Drake Equation: All in the FamilyNadia Drake
Nov 2011An Open Letter to All Wall St. OccupiersAdriano V. Autino
Oct 2011Up the Sky Without a ShuttleH. Paul Shuch
Sep 2011Will the Allen Telescope Array Soon Resume its Scrutiny of the Skies?Seth Shostak
Aug 2011Space Renaissance: The beginning, not the endSpace Renaissance International
Jul 2011Allen Telescope DisarrayH. Paul Shuch
Jun 2011Rationale for METIAlexander Zaitsev
May 2011The Friendly Candy CompanyRichard Factor
Apr 2011Wolves Among the StarsAdam Frank
Mar 2011Three Kinds of PeopleH. Paul Shuch
Feb 2011Try Some Other LibraryErick Sherman
Jan 2011Six Degrees of SETI SeparationH. Paul Shuch
Dec 2010Finding a Benford BeaconPaul Gilster
Nov 2010Alien Invasion: Why Stephen Hawking is WrongPaul Davies
Oct 2010Exoplanet-Lithium Link DebatedDouglas Pierce-Price and Patrick Baumann
Sep 2010The Enduring Legacy of the VoyagersLarry Klaes
Aug 2010SETI Institute Reinvents SETIConH. Paul Shuch
Jul 2010Pioneer Plaque ImmortalityNick Sagan
Jun 2010Greenpeace, Which Side Are You On?Adriano V. Autino
May 2010Where Is Everybody?H. Paul Shuch
Apr 2010Facing the Galaxy: The Faces from Earth ProjectLarry Klaes
Mar 2010Giving SETI Definition - A New Paradigm for the Twenty First CenturyBob Krekorian
Feb 2010Crossing the Golden GateH. Paul Shuch
Jan 2010Neuropsychology and SETIJ.B. Arriola
Dec 2009A Big Waste of MassNicholas J. Szabo
Nov 2009Properties of an Interstellar BeaconJon Lomberg
Oct 2009Cold Fusion, Dark Matter, and SETIRichard Factor
Sep 2009Are We Alone?H. Paul Shuch
Aug 2009Not DiscouragedRichard Factor
Jul 2009Alpha Centauri, Here We ComePaul Gilster
Jun 2009Not The First Global Message to ETIAlexander Zaitsev
May 2009Why We Shouldn't Hide Our Problems from ETDoug Vakoch
Apr 2009The Case for Extraterrestrial BeaconsBob Krekorian
Mar 2009Should We Shout Into the Darkness?Larry Klaes
Feb 2009Artist's DeceptionH. Paul Shuch
Jan 2009Interstellar Spaceflight is ImminentTibor Pacher
Dec 2008Detection Probability of Terrestrial Radio Signals by a Hostile Super-CivilizationAlexander Zaitsev
Nov 2008Low Frequency Musings on Extraterrestrial LifePaul Gilster
Oct 2008The Bet Is Won! H. Paul Shuch
Sep 2008Why Don't They Do SETI?Seth Shostak
Aug 2008Arecibo Observatory FundingG. Warren Coleman
Jul 2008UNESCO and SETIKathryn Denning, Elisabeth Piotelat
Jun 2008Stonehenge and SETIDennis Price
May 2008Search Binary Star SystemsPaul Gilster
Apr 2008ITAR Attacks!H. Paul Shuch
Mar 2008How Accurate Must We Be?Richard Factor
Feb 2008SETI's Paradox and the Great SilencePaul Gilster
Jan 200890th Birthday ReflectionsArthur C. Clarke
Dec 2007Why Smaller is BetterRob Lodder
Nov 2007Relections on the 50th Anniversary of SputnikLouis Friedman
Oct 2007Evolution vs. PanspermiaAlex Antonites
Sep 2007A Boost for Optical CommunicationsPaul Gilster
Aug 2007Future Funding for the Arecibo Radio ObservatoryNickoulaus Leggett
Jul 2007Probing Distant AtmospheresPaul Gilster
Jun 2007What Hath God Wrought?H. Paul Shuch
May 2007Greatest Innovation in Your Field?H. Paul Shuch
Apr 2007Amateur Radio: Where the Real DX IsPaul Gilster
Mar 2007Shrinking the ToolsPaul Gilster
Feb 2007At what point would you abandon the search?Seth Shostak
Jan 2007Don't Expect an Alien SitcomPaul Gilster
Dec 2006Twelve Years and CountingH. Paul Shuch
Nov 2006Searching for Extraterrestrial Idiots?Alexander Zaitsev
Oct 2006Education vs. TrainingH. Paul Shuch
Sep 2006Three SETI MythsPeter Backus
Aug 2006Is SETI a Religion?David Darling
Jul 2006Past - Present - FutureAlexander Zaitsev
Jun 2006When Will We Reach India?H. Paul Shuch
May 2006Transforming SETI to METIAlexander Zaitsev
Apr 2006Their Past; Our FutureH. Paul Shuch
Mar 2006Protected Frequencies!? Don't Get So Hung Up On AssignmentsCharles Osborne
Feb 2006Sri Lanka UpdateArthur C. Clarke
Jan 2006Active Assessment of Active SETIH. Paul Shuch
Dec 2005This I BelieveH. Paul Shuch
Nov 2005SerendipityCharles Osborne
Oct 2005When Did We Become Obsolete?H. Paul Shuch
Sep 2005A Spherically Curious MindKosta Tsipis
Aug 2005Hungarians as Martians: the Truth Behind the LegendPhilip Morrison
Jul 2005The Great Silence - A Universe of Wimps?Richard Factor
Jun 2005An Open Letter to Would-Be TransmittersDavid Brin
May 2005The Drake Equation: Adding a METI FactorAlexander Zaitsev
Apr 2005How Can We Get On Board?H. Paul Shuch
Mar 2005Making a Case for METIAlexander Zaitsev et. al.
Feb 2005Active SETI Is Not Scientific ResearchMichael Michaud
Jan 2005Tsunami Damage in Sri LankaSir Arthur C. Clarke
Dec 2004A Bold Step into the Bank VaultH. Paul Shuch
Nov 2004Saving an Endangered TelescopeBob Lash
Oct 2004Journalistic ExuberanceH. Paul Shuch
Sep 2004Second Class SETIzensH. Paul Shuch
Aug 2004When Will We Achieve Contact?H. Paul Shuch
Jul 2004We're All Volunteers NowH. Paul Shuch
Jun 2004Moon yes, Mars no!Ron Sirull
May 2004Return to the AshesH. Paul Shuch
Apr 2004SETI and the EnvironmentH. Paul Shuch
Mar 2004What Do You Want From Your Website?H. Paul Shuch
Feb 2004Complementary SETI Research StrategiesScot Stride
Jan 2004Executive Director's Annual MessageH. Paul Shuch
Dec 2003Considering Cosmic CONELRADH. Paul Shuch
Nov 2003One Huge Step for ManH. Paul Shuch
Oct 2003Reviewing the Review ProcessH. Paul Shuch
Sep 2003Is Anyone Out There?Paul Davies
Aug 2003Quantifying our IgnoranceH. Paul Shuch
Jul 2003The Silver Lining that is the Space AgeLarry Klaes
Jun 2003Broadband Over Power LinesCharles Osborne
May 2003We're Not At HomeH. Paul Shuch
Apr 2003Just What Is an Amateur Astronomer?Thomas R. Williams
Mar 2003Blame It On RioH. Paul Shuch
Feb 2003It's True, Men Really Are From MarsPaul Davies
Jan 2003No Commercial MarketH. Paul Shuch
Dec 2002An Interview With Dr. SETINilanjana Sarker
Nov 2002The Only Game In TownH. Paul Shuch
Oct 2002Betting on Life AplentyNiladri Sarker
Sep 2002Making the Tough DecisionsH. Paul Shuch
Aug 2002Institute = League? Not!H. Paul Shuch
Jul 2002Refining our FocusH. Paul Shuch
Jun 2002R.I.P. for D.I.Y.George Musser
May 2002SETI and GodRobert J. Sawyer
Apr 2002Being a Good NeighborH. Paul Shuch
Mar 2002Searching for OurselvesJames F. Brown
Feb 2002The TVA and SETIDavid Madison
Jan 2002My Seven Years Before the MastH. Paul Shuch
Dec 2001QST Award Bodes Well for SETIH. Paul Shuch
Nov 2001A Fresh Approach to SETIAllen Tough
Oct 2001Science, Technology and Mind in Future CommunicationAlex Antonites
Sep 2001Patents: Everyone Into the PoolH. Paul Shuch
Aug 2001Implications of Astrobiology for SETIAlbert A. Harrison
Jul 2001Are We Ready For Contact?Peter Schenkel
Jun 2001Communicating Across SETI TimeValdemar Phoenix
May 2001Bruno Winners an Exclusive ClubPeter Wright
Apr 2001SETI Is Amateur RadioRichard W. Wilson
Mar 2001A Science, Not A SearchH. Paul Shuch
Feb 2001Probing for ETI's Probes in the Solar SystemScot Stride
Jan 2001E.T. or Alien? The Character of Other IntelligenceDavid Darling
Dec 2000Extracom Not Representative of SETIMauro J. Cavalcanti
Nov 2000From SETI to CETIPoul Anderson
Oct 2000Searching for Alien BeaconsGregory Benford
Sep 2000My Forty Years of SETIPhilip Morrison
Aug 2000SETI and a New World OrderPeter Schenkel
Jul 2000SETI, Just Beyond the Cutting EdgeRichard Hall
Jun 2000Dayton, You Honor Us AllH. Paul Shuch
May 2000OSETI Bruno Shows VisionStuart Kingsley
Apr 2000Seven Reasons for Widening the SearchAllen Tough
Mar 2000Should SETI Probe for Probes?Scot Stride
Feb 2000Hardly a Waste of TimePhilip J. Hughes
Jan 2000Marriage Made in HeavenH. Paul Shuch
Dec 1999ET Call Enrico FermiMike Shupp
Nov 1999The Case for Active SETIAdrian Kingsley-Hughes
Oct 1999Cosmic Rays? No Problem!Allen Tough
Sep 1999Microprobes Won't Survive Interstellar TravelMario Zadnik
Aug 1999The Unseen Hand of EvolutionBruce Cornet
Jul 1999Communication by Entangled ParticlesLeon T. Darcy
Jun 1999SETI Receivers: Internal or External?Milan Hudecek
May 1999A Word from our FounderRichard Factor
Apr 1999Might Dinosaurs Have Achieved Space Travel?Bruce Cornet
Mar 1999Toilets of the GodsArthur C. Clarke
Feb 1999If you're out there, ET, log onPaul Davies
Jan 1999Computer Radios Not Ideal for SETINoel Cedric Welstead
Dec 1998Petition to Restore NASA SETI FundingTobias Daniel Wabbel
Nov 1998Do LDEs Emanate From Alien Probes?Chris Boyce
Oct 1998Testing the Null HypothesisJohn Marcus
Sep 1998Remembering Michael PapagiannisPeter Schenkel
Aug 1998Interstellar Nano-ProbesLeon T. Darcy
Jul 1998Where Is Everybody?Arthur C. Clarke
Jun 1998The Mars "Face" and Lowell's "Canals"Larry Klaes
May 1998Should SETI Protocols Consider Interstellar Travel?Peter Schenkel
Apr 1998Nothing Is ImpossibleH. Paul Shuch
Mar 1998Speaking for EarthJon Lomberg
Feb 1998Where Are The SETI Police?H. Paul Shuch
Jan 1998A Two-Way StreetRobert W. Casey
Dec 1997A Word from our Executive DirectorH. Paul Shuch
Nov 1997 Contact: More Than Just a FilmLarry Klaes
Oct 1997 Publish or PerishH. Paul Shuch
Sep 1997 What Should We Tell the World?Douglas A. Vakoch
Aug 1997 Nobody Here But Us Earthlings?H. Paul Shuch
Jul 1997 Transmitting from EarthRay Norris
Jun 1997 The Secret of 70 VirginisH. Paul Shuch
May 1997 ET Detection of Earth TV UnlikelyDale Lamm
Apr 1997 Accept No SubstitutesH. Paul Shuch
Mar 1997 Alien Spaceships, SETI, and Public PerceptionsLarry Klaes
Jan 1997 Observations Must Be PairedH. Paul Shuch
Dec 1996 The Darkest Day of the Year H. Paul Shuch
Nov 1996 Hale-Bopp Claims Just Don't WashH. Paul Shuch
Oct 1996 Theological Implications of SETIDouglas A. Vakoch
Sep 1996 I Wanna Hold Your HandH. Paul Shuch
Aug 1996 The Folly of Giordano BrunoRichard W. Pogge
Jul 1996 The Sky Is Filling! The Sky Is Filling!H. Paul Shuch
May 1996 OK, What If We Hear Something?H. Paul Shuch
Feb 1996 The "L" ParadoxCharles Rubin
Jan 1996 Planets, Planets EverywhereH. Paul Shuch
Nov 1995 In Memoriam -- Barney OliverH. Paul Shuch
Oct 1995 The Promise of PegasusH. Paul Shuch
Sep 1995 The Knowledgeable LaymanH. Paul Shuch
Aug 1995 Indistinguishable From MagicH. Paul Shuch
Jul 1995 Is Amateur SETI Even Possible?H. Paul Shuch
May 1995 Why Haven't We Heard Them?H. Paul Shuch

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