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What Do You Want From Your Website?
by Dr. H. Paul Shuch, Executive Director

Perhaps you are familiar with GuideStar, the nonprofit organization that exists to serve the organizational and financial needs of other nonprofit organizations (including The SETI League). They conducted an interesting survey recently, of both those who run nonprofit websites and those who contribute to nonprofits. I was one of the webmasters asked to participate. The survey found an interesting disconnect in the two groups' expectations for a website.

The GuideStar survey listed about a dozen areas of website content, and asked members of both groups to rank them in terms of importance. The donor group ranked "information about how the charity spends my contributions" firmly in first place. By contrast, that was number 7 on the list for nonprofit webmasters.

This got me to thinking. There's a wealth of financial information on The SETI League website, but it's scattered all around, and it takes a good detective to sleuth it all out.

Not any more. Last Spring we added a new section of The SETI League website, pulling all our financial information together in one place. Browse to and it's all linked from there. Everything from budgets to audits to grants to tax returns to annual reports. We even list you, our generous donors (unless you prefer to remain anonymous). Let me know if you find this section useful, and if there's anything else you'd like to see added.

Now that you know how we use your generous membership contributions, it's up to you to keep them coming!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in editorials are those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily reflect the position of The SETI League, Inc., its Trustees, officers, Advisory Board, members, donors, or commercial sponsors.

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