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Technical Manual

(7) - Software

DSP and Spectral AnalysisH. Paul Shuch
DSP Blaster data sheet Brian Beezley
DSP Program Test Reports Malcolm Mallette
FFTDSP Update Mike Cook
Floating Point Complex FFT PackagePhil Karn
General Radio Astronomy BASIC ProgramAl Aburto
GoldWave for Data Collection, Storage and AnalysisRob Lodder
Graphing the GalaxyDaniel B. Fox
Hamview readme file Alberto di Bene
Help Wanted: SETI Logging SoftwareH. Paul Shuch
Icom R-7000 Control ProgramDon Adams
Icom R-8500 Control ProgramDave Fahey
Microsoft Excel ® Spreadsheet Templatesvarious members
Radio Astronomy Observatory Operating System Brian Adam and RJ Fear
Radio Eyes radio sky viewing program Jim Sky
SETIFOX UpdateDaniel B. Fox
Software Review: SkyGlobeRichard Tyndall
Suggestion for SETI Logging SoftwareDaniel B. Fox
WinGrid Grid Square ConverterStacey Mills
SETI Software AcronymsJim Brown
Project Argus Accessory ProgramsPeter Cheasley
Links to Other Software Resources

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