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Accept No Substitutes
by Dr. H. Paul Shuch, Executive Director

Since its inception three years ago, I have enjoyed the honor of heading The SETI League, Inc., the premier non-profit, membership-supported, amateur SETI organization, with over 500 members in about 30 countries and nearly all 50 States. We collaborate closely with the other established SETI organizations in the US, notably the SETI Institute, the Planetary Society, U.C. Berkeley's Serendip program, the BETA project at Harvard University, and the Big Ear team at Ohio State University, and we are pleased to support their efforts.

Recently, various other organizations have emerged which express a desire to contribute to amateur SETI. We welcome this development and feel these new organizations can make a positive contribution to our mission. However, with but two exceptions (AMSAT and Artemis Society, both of which are official SETI League Affiliated Societies), The SETI League has no formal ties to any of these newly emerging organizations.

Any contributions which you may care to make to us, or to any other organization, are a matter of personal choice, and we welcome whatever support you might wish to offer to SETI, in any form. However, we must emphasize that your support of other organizations with SETI in their name does not necessarily equate to support of The SETI League, and is probably not tax-deductible under our IRS [501(c)(3)] designation.

The SETI League is always looking for like-minded organizations with which to affiliate, and announcements of future member-society designations will be posted to this Web site, and mentioned in SearchLites, our quarterly newsletter, as such affiliations are formalized. Meanwhile, there is only one SETI League, and your support of our mission is greatly appreciated.

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