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Meeting Agendas and Abstracts

SETI CommitteeSymposium or Review Meeting
2016 meetingIAA-16-A4, 45th Symposium on SETI
2015 meetingIAA-15-A4, 44th Symposium on SETI
2014 meetingIAA-14-A4, 43rd Symposium on SETI
2013 meetingIAA-13-A4, 42nd Symposium on SETI
2012 meetingIAA-12-A4, 41st Symposium on SETI
2011 meetingIAA-11-A4, 40th Symposium on SETI
2010 meetingIAA-10-A4, 39th Symposium on SETI
2009 meetingIAA-09-A4, 38th Symposium on SETI
2008 meetingIAA-08-A4, 37th Symposium on SETI
2008 symposiumSearching for Life Signatures, UNESCO, Paris
2007 meetingIAA-07-A4, 36th Symposium on SETI
2006 meetingIAA-06-A4, 35th Symposium on SETI
2005 meetingIAA-05-IAA.1.1, 34th Symposium on SETI
2004 meetingIAA-04-IAA.1.1, 33rd Symposium on SETI
2003 meetingIAA-03-IAA.9, 32nd Review Meeting on SETI
2002 meetingIAA-02-IAA.9, 31st Review Meeting on SETI
2001 meetingIAA-01-IAA.9, 30th Review Meeting on SETI
2000 meetingIAA-00-IAA.9, 29th Review Meeting on SETI
1999 meetingIAA-99-IAA.9, 28th Review Meeting on SETI

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