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Meeting Agendas
IAA.9 30th Review Meeting on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

October 1 - October 5, 2001

Abstracts to any of the following papers may be downloaded in Portable Document Format, by clicking on the paper number. You are welcome to download the free Adobe Acrobat ® reader to allow you to view PDF files. get Acrobat reader

SETI Science and Technology
Tuesday, October 2, 2001, Afternoon
Room Oratorio, Session Number 57

Coordinators: J. Tarter (USA), C. Maccone (Italy)
Chairmen: S. Montebugnoli (Italy), S. Shostak (USA)
Rapporteur: S. Shostak (USA)

NumberTitleFirst Author
9.1.01Annual Pesek Lecture:
Promising New Approaches in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
F. Drake
9.1.02Array2K: Multiple Dishes, Multiple ModesP. Shuch
9.1.03SETI Italia: Status ReportS. Montebugnoli
9.1.04Trials of Omni-Directional Sky Survey TelescopesK. Cullers
9.1.05The Lunar SETI Cosmic Study: Current Status and PerspectivesC. Maccone
9.1.06The Lifetime of Technological CivilizationsS. Shostak
9.1.07The Lovell Telescope UpgradeI. Morison
9.1.08Update on the Allen Telescope Array and Square Kilometer ArrayJ. Tarter
9.1.09Error Correction in SETIY. Dutil
9.1.10SALVE 2 (Software Aimed at off Line Verification ETI signals ver 2.0)J. Monari
9.1.11The SETI GameM. Schlumberger

Interdisciplinary Connections
Wednesday, October 3, 2001, Morning
Room Oratorio, Session Number 58

Coordinators: J. Tarter (USA), C. Maccone (Italy)
Chairmen: R. Malina (France), D. Vakoch (USA)
Rapporteur: P. Sterns (USA)

NumberTitleFirst Author
9.2.01Science Journalists and SETI Scientists: Improving CommunicationC. Oliver
9.2.02Educating the Next Generation of SETI Scientists: Voyages Through TimeE. DeVore
9.2.03How the Rio Scale Should be ImprovedI. Almar
9.2.04Post-Contact Communication and SecurityA. Tough
9.2.05Ten Decisions That Could Shake the WorldM. Michaud
9.2.06Artificial Exo-Society Modeling: A New Tool for SETI ResearchJ. Gardner
9.2.07First Stage Identification of Syntactic Elements in an Extraterrestrial SignalJ. Elliott
9.2.08Corpus Linguistics and the Design of a Response MessageE. Atwell
9.2.09Interstellar Communication: Chemistry as a Highly Recommended Subject MatterV. Ascheri
9.2.10Large-Size Message Construction for ETI: An Experiment in CETIA. Ollongren
9.2.11Analogy as a Tool to Communicate Abstract Concepts in SETIP. Musso
9.2.12Communicating Concepts about Altruism in Interstellar Messages: an Evolutionary Game-Theoretic ApproachD. Vakoch

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