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Meeting Agendas
IAA.9 32nd Review Meeting on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

September 29 - October 3, 2003

Abstracts to the following papers may be downloaded in Portable Document Format, by clicking on the paper title. You are welcome to download the free Adobe Acrobat ® reader to allow you to view PDF files. get Acrobat reader

SETI I: Science and Technology
Monday, September 29, 2003, 14:30 hours
Room: Hall 4.1-2, Bremen Congress Center

Coordinators: R. Malina (France), J. Tarter (USA)
Chairs: C. Maccone (Italy), S. Shostak (USA)
Rapporteur: T. Pierson (USA)

NumberTitleFirst Author
9.1.01Annual Pesek Lecture:
Innovative SETI by the KLT
C. Maccone
9.1.02SETI-Italia 2003: Status ReviewS. Montebugnoli
9.1.03Targeted Optical SETI at Harvard/Smithsonian and PrincetonP. Horowitz
9.1.04All-Sky Optical SETIA. Howard
9.1.05The Berkeley SETI Program: SERENDIP, SPOCK, and AstropulseD. Werthimer
9.1.06A Survey of the Galactic Plane for SETIJ. Tarter
9.1.07The Arecibo-Jodrell Bank Project Phoenix ObservationsI. Morison
9.1.08Sensitive Detection of CoherenceK. Cullers
9.1.09Power Consideration in the Context of SETIT. Wilson
9.1.10When Will We Detect the Extraterrestrials?S. Shostak

SETI II: Interdisciplinary Connections
Tuesday, September 30, 2003, 08:30 hours
Room: Hall 4.1-2, Bremen Congress Center

Coordinators: R. Malina (France), J. Tarter (USA)
Chairs: R. Malina (France), C. Oliver (Australia)
Rapporteur: P. Musso (Italy)

NumberTitleFirst Author
9.2.01Back to the BasicsB. Dorminey
9.2.02SETI and the MediaD. Whitehouse
9.2.03SETI Sneak Attack: Lessons Learned from the Pearl Harbor HoaxP. Shuch
9.2.04Communicating Astrobiology - A New ApproachC. Oliver
9.2.05Life in the Universe: A Course in Science, and Science FictionM. Brake
9.2.06SETI Institute as a Model for Managing Interdisciplinary ScienceT. Pierson
9.2.07The Art and Science of Interstellar Message CompositionD. Vakoch
9.2.08From Maths to Culture Towards an Effective MessageP. Musso
9.2.09Large-Size Message Construction for ETIA. Ollongren

14th Space Activities and Society Symposium
Session 3. Ethics: Ethical Issues and Space Activities
(List of SETI authors only)
Tuesday, 30 September, 14:30 hours
Franzius Room, Bremen Congress Center

TitleFirst Author
Do Potential SETI Signals Need to be Decontaminated? R. Carrigan, Jr.
"Lunar Farside Radio Lab": A "Cosmic Study"
by the International Academy of Astronautics
C. Maccone
Widening the Range of SETI Strategies - Look and Learn A. Ellery
A Model of Omnidirectional SETI M. Schlumberger
Metalaw and Relations with Intelligent Beings Revisited P. Sterns

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