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Meeting Agendas
A4. 43rd Symposium on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

29 September - 3 October, 2014

SETI I: SETI Science and Technology
Tuesday, 30 September 2014, 2:45 - 5:45 PM, Room 707
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada

Coordinator: Claudio Maccone (Italy)
Chairs: H. Paul Shuch (USA), Geoff Marcy (USA)
Rapporteur: Stephane Dumas (Canada)

  • SETI, Big Data, and the Next Generation of Radio Telescopes (Pesek Lecture), Michael Garrett, Netherlands
  • Radio Searches for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Andrew Simeon, USA
  • A 1.1 to 1.9 GHz SETI Survey of the Kepler Field, Isaac Shivvers, USA
  • SETI Research in the NASA Astrobiology Roadmap, John D. Rummel, USA
  • A Smart High-Resolution Spectrometer for SETI, Stelio Montebugnoli, Italy
  • KLT, Digital Signal Analysis, and Information Theory, Stephane Dumas, Canada
  • Terahertz Imaging System for SETI, Feifei Xin, China
  • Exoplanet Discoveries and the Fermi Paradox, Jerome Pearson, USA
  • Addressing Societal Concerns in Active SETI, Steve Trimberger, USA

SETI II: SETI and Society
Wednesday, 1 October 2014, 2:45 - 5:45 PM, Room 709
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada

Coordinator: Claudio Maccone (Italy)
Chairs: Fengyuan Zhuang (China), Kathryn Denning (Canada)
Rapporteur: Lori Walton (Canada)

  • SETI's New Horizons (Billingham Lecture), Jon Lomberg, USA
  • Cryptosociology and Extraterrestrial Civilizations, Morris Jones, Australia
  • Statistical Seager Equation for Exoplanet and SETI Searches, Claudio Maccone, Italy
  • SETI: A Time to Consolidate, Carl DeVito, USA
  • Advanced Transportation Systems and Unexplained Signals on Earth, Sissi Enestam, Finland
  • A Possible Link Between Extraterrestrial Societies, Carl DeVito, USA
  • Nonhuman Communication Signals and Decoding Techniques, Denise Herzing, USA
  • ACT - Interactive public outreach strategies, Paivi Jukola, Finland
  • On Modalities in Lingua Cosmica Logica, Alexander Ollongren, Netherlands

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