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Meeting Agendas
IAA.9 29th Review Meeting on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

October 2 - October 6, 2000

Abstracts to any of the following papers may be downloaded in Portable Document Format, by clicking on the title. You are welcome to download the free Adobe Acrobat ® reader to allow you to view PDF files. get Acrobat reader

SETI Science and Technology
Tuesday, October 3, 2000, 2:30 PM
Room G2, RioCentro Convention Center

Coordinators: J. Tarter (USA), I. Almar (Hungary)
Chairmen: G. Lemarchand (Argentina), S. Shostak (USA)
Rapporteur: C. Cosmovici (Italy)

NumberTitleFirst Author
9.1.01Annual Pesek Lecture:
Building SETI's First Dedicated Observatory
W. Welch
9.1.02Buying Cyclops by the YardM. Davis
9.1.03Beyond the Square Kilometer ArrayR. DeBiase
9.1.04One Hundred Up, 4900 To Go! A Project Argus UpdateP. Shuch
9.1.05The Use of Gamma-Ray Bursts as Time and Direction Markers in SETIR. Corbet
9.1.06Galactic Plane SETI Candidates -- Results from the Southern SERENDIP SpectrometerF. Stootman
9.1.07The Berkeley SETI Program: SETI@Home, SERENDIP, and Optical SETID. Werthimer
9.1.08An All-Sky Optical SETI SurveyA. Howard
9.1.09Projects for the Detection of Earths Orbiting Other StarsB. Borucki
9.1.10SETI 2020 - A Roadmap for the Next 20 Years of SETI ResearchT. Pierson

Interdisciplinary Connections
Wednesday, October 4, 2000, 9:30 AM
Room G2, Rio Centro Convention Center

Coordinators: J. Tarter (USA), I. Almar (Hungary)
Chairmen: A. Cocca (Argentina), T. Pierson (USA)
Rapporteur: T. Pierson (USA)

NumberTitleFirst Author
9.2.01The Discovery of ETI as a High-Consequence, Low-Probability EventI. Almar
9.2.03The Convergence of Intelligences: Learning, Symbols and Efficient CommunicationJ. Diederich
9.2.04SETI as a Subject of Public OpinionV. Strelnitski
9.2.05Sociodynamical Analysis of Human Archetypes about Extraterrestrial Intelligent BeingsG. Lemarchand
9.2.06Assessing the Robustness of the Emergence of Intelligence: Testing the Selfish Biocosm HypothesisJ. Gardner
9.2.07SETI in High Schools Down UnderC. Oliver
9.2.08Large-Size Message Construction for ETI:Typing Logic ContentsA. Ollongren
9.2.10Cognitive Modeling of Music Perception as a Foundation for Interstellar Message CompositionD. Vakoch
9.2.11The Interdisciplinary Benefits of SETIB. Balazs

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