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Meeting Agendas

IAA Committee on SETI
Saturday, October 2, 1999, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre, Room Moscow
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  1. Review and approval of minutes of 1998 IAA SETI Committee meeting in Melbourne
  2. Review programs for SETI I and II Sessions in Amsterdam
  3. Report from Subcommittee on Post-Detection Science and Technology (Tarter for Swarup)
  4. Report from Subcommittee on Transmissions from Earth (Michaud)
  5. Report from Subcommittee on Lunar SETI (Heidmann)
  6. Report from Subcommittee on Media and Education (Malina/Doyle)
  7. Situation on Co-Chairs of the SETI Committee (Tarter)
  8. Review of exobiology and SETI science and technology activities in previous year. Reports from SETI Italia, Australia, Argentina, SERENDIP, Phoenix, META, etc. (All)
  9. Review of SETI and Society activities. Plans for briefing to UN COPUOS in February, 2000, on Academy Position Paper on Transmissions from Earth (All)
  10. Plans for SETI Committee Site on IAA Web Page (Pierson)
  11. Proposals for election of new members to SETI Committee. Rotation off and thanks to old members. Reminder about proposals for election of new members to the IAA (Tarter/Heidmann)
  12. Other business

Link to IAA.9 28th Review Meeting on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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