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The SETI Permanent Committee is chaired by a Member of the International Academy of Astronautics. Its membership draws from members of the Basic Sciences section of the Academy, as well as other Sections, but is not restricted solely to Academy members. Prospective members are nominated by the Chair, and confirmed by the Committee as a whole, to serve a five-year, renewable term. Prospective members are chosen on the basis of their involvement in the SETI discipline, their contributions to SETI science or social science, and their willingness to serve actively as a member of the Committee.

2014 Membershp Roster

Members Emeritus

Almar, Ivan Hungary
Davies, Paul United States
Dick, Steven United States
Drake, Frank United States
Ollongren, Alexander The Netherlands
Shostak, Seth United States
Tarter, Jill United States

Committee Members

Back Impallomeni, Elizabeth Italy
Carrigan, RichardUnited States
Cirkovic, Milan M. Serbia
Clar, Richard United States
Cosmovici, Cristiano Italy
Davis, Michael United States
DeBiase, Robert United States
Denning, Kathryn Canada
DeVito, Carl United States
Dominik, Martin United Kingdom
Dumas, Stephane Canada
Dutil, YvanCanada
Elliott, John United Kingdom
Fasan, Ernst Austria
Gallicchio, Jason United States
Garrett, Michael Netherlands
Herzing, Denise United States
Howard, Andrew United States
Jones, Morris Australia
Lemarchand, Guillermo Argentina
Maccone, Claudio Italy
Malina, Roger United States
Mead, Curtis United States
Monari, Jader Italy
Montebugnoli, Stelio Italy
Morison, Ian England
Musso, Paolo Italy
Norris, Ray Australia
Oliver, Carol Australia
Perek, Lubos Czech Republic
Pluchino, Salvatore Italy
Ramirez de Arellano y Haro, Rosa Mexico
Rummel, John United States
Shuch, Paul United States
Sterns, Patricia United States
Stone, Remington United States
Tarter, Donald United States
Tennen, Leslie United States
Vakoch, DouglasUnited States
Walton, LoriCanada

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