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Control Program for Icom R-8500 Receiver
contributed by Dave Fahey (nzkiwi @

I have written a small windows 95/NT program to run my R8500. It is essentially a junk program that tests out the interface to the radio. It displays a window that has most of the radios controls on it, and a log that shows the data (in hex) that is sent and received from the radio. The radio can be totally run from the program. I have loaded the whole program and source up to my ftp site. It is written in Object Pascal (Delphi 3), which is what I intend to use for all my future SETI and RA programming. The com2 port is currently hard wired; let me know if you'd like me to expose the com settings and I will do that for you.

Here is how the virtual front panel looks on screen:

Icom 8500 Virtual Front Panel

You can download a 200 kByte ZIP file containing the program, from <>.

I hope this is some use.

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