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Project Argus Accessory Programs
by Peter Cheasley, VE2TPR

I thought other Project Argus participants might want to know about several of the programs I am using for record keeping, sky mapping, and spectrographic analysis. They are inexpensive, and work well for me. They may or may not work in your station configuration - some experimenting will be necessary, but isn't that what The SETI League and Project Argus are all about?

Active Diary: Priced at $25 for a trial download. I use the free-form diary with a folder for each RA. Using input always starting with the RA I can then use sticky notes for details which files RA numerically. I have a daily diary for SETI observations. For further details, email

Acoustica Spectrogram: This program takes a bit of looking at, but it is only $15.00. It records observations into WAV files which can be sent back and forth by E mail.

Widi 2.7: Widi records audio data into midi files, etc. which can then be picked up and transferred to written data by programs such as Cakewalk., $33.00.

I use Cakewalk for audio signal analysis (search the Web for availability). Please note that Cakewalk is a very expensive program. The version I am using is quite old, but it does the job. I have no idea what the new one is like.

Cakewalk (my version - maybe not any more) requires Music Write. I picked up my program for $5 at a flea market. It provides the notes, staff etc. for Cakewalk.

I find that RedShift 3 is terrific for plotting RA action. How-ever it is complemented by RedShift 4- The more I work at this program the better I appreciate it. I imagine eventually I will have files for each RA (like the active diary). The more I use RedShift, the more indispensable it becomes. ($39 - Amazon)

As I advance in years, I realize a little help is required in the vision department. One useful accessory is a magnifier that is always on screen. It enlarges to the level of individual pix-els. I run this as I look at spectrograms, etc. PowerMagnifier v. 1.0 - 2002 Dag Fjel (search the Web for availability).

Other SETIzens are encouraged to share your software recommendations and experiences with your fellow experi-menters, through the pages of SearchLites.

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