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Suggestion for SETI Logging Software
contributed by Daniel Boyd Fox (foxd @

I have an idea that may help in the writing of a SETI logging program. ( Actually I was going to use it on a future version of SETIFOX but I'm willing to share the idea. ) Since a lot of the home seti systems are going to be home brew with a number of different pieces of equipment using different search strategies, etc, it would make sense to be able to greatly vary the type of commands and procedures the logging program can carry out. I propose that the program be set up with script files that are written by the user to carry out the search strategy the user wants. These script files would be similar in concept to the script files many modem programs use to log into a bbs and retreive certain files and log out automatically. In the case of a seti script file it would be a set of procedures for recording, processing, and responding to the data. With a limited set of math functions the script file could be set up to control a wide range of equipment with serial interfaces, including: radios, antenna positioners, modems, etc.

This would also save time since changing search strategies would be more a matter of editing a script file rather than rewriting the program. This would not eliminate the inevitable rewrites, but it would cut down on them.


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