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by Mike Cook, AF9Y

October 1996 Update:

The SETI League members might be interested in the recent upgrade to the FFTDSP program. The upgrade includes the following:

Available Download Sites for FFTDSP are:

February 1996 Update:

This is to inform SETI League members that a new beta version of the FFTDSP program is available for downloading from my webpage. Here are a few of the new features in FFTDSP41:

I've noticed that some of the SETI League members are confused about the term "below the noise level". Weak signal detection of a carrier is limited by the effective channel bandwidth and frequency stability. Here are the key considerations:

It is apparent that equipment stability and doppler consideration are key factors in any SETI attempt. I believe that compensation could be made for doppler (if significant) during the integration process. This possibility and any other recommendations for program improvement is welcomed.

Mike Cook, AF9Y
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