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Subcommittee on Issues of Policy Concerning
Communications with Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Chair: Michael Michaud (USA)

Terms of Reference

  1. The Subcommittee is named "The Subcommittee on Issues of Policy Concerning Communications with Extraterrestrial Intelligence of the IAA SETI Committee."

  2. Its purpose is to review policy issues, to recommend possible actions and policies, and to be available to consult on policy questions concerning communications with extraterrestrial intelligence.

  3. The Subcommittee will be empowered to call upon others for assistance, including other members of the full IAA SETI Committee, other Committees of the Academy, and members of the International Institute of Space Law.

  4. The Subcommittee will be made up of persons with a social science, legal, governmental, or other background appropriate for considering policy issues concerning communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.

  5. The Subcommittee will meet every year jointly with the full IAA SETI Committee. The Chairperson and members will be selected by the full committee on the basis of recommendations from the Subcommittee.


Dr. Ernst Fasan, Austria
Dr. Iván F. Almár Hungary
Dr. Michael Ashkenazi Israel
Dr. Ragbir Bhathal Australia
Dr. John Billingham USA
Dr. David Brin USA
Sir Arthur C. Clarke Sri Lanka
Dr. Carl DeVito USA
Dr. Steven J. Dick USA
Dr. Ben R. Finney USA
Dr. Eduardo Gaggero Uruguay
Prof. Albert A. Harrison USA
Dr. Jun Jugaku Japan
Dr. Vladimír Kopal Czech Republic
Dr. Guillermo Lemarchand Argentina
Prof. Francis Lyall Scotland
Dr. Oliver Morton UK
Mr. Michael Michaud USA
Ms. Carol Oliver Australia
Dr. Lubos Perek Czech Republic
Mr. Thomas Pierson USA
Prof. Rosa Ramírez de Arellano y Haro Mexico
Dr. H. Paul Shuch USA
Dr. Seth Shostak USA
Ms. Marcia Smith USA
Dr. Patricia Sterns USA
Dr. Donald Tarter USA
Dr. Jill Tarter USA
Prof. Allen Tough Canada
Dr. Douglas A. Vakoch USA
Dr. David Whitehouse UK

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