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Awards, Contests, and Competitions

Best Ideas Award

YearName(s)Work Honored
2005James Funaro
Joel Hagen
Annual Contact Conference
2005Gerald D. NordleyLifetime Achievement Award
2004Richard Factor
H. Paul Shuch
The SETI League Website
2004Jon LombergPortrait of Humanity
2004James N. GardnerBiocosm, The New Scientific Theory of Evolution
2003Bruce Cornet
Scot L. Stride
Solar System SETI Using Radio Telescope Arrays
2003Stephen WebbIf the universe is teeming with aliens, where is everybody?
2003John R. RiceET: Come and Gone Unnoticed?
2003Stephen DickThe Post-Biological Universe
2003Chandra WickramasingheWhy Alien Intelligence May Not Be So Alien

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