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Tune In The Universe!
Tune In The Universe!
by SETI League executive director Dr. H. Paul Shuch

Dr. SETI, aka H. Paul Shuch, N6TX, has made an enticing, personal, good-humored, wise, and browsable book on one CD. Tune In The Universe! is as diverse as the topic itself, packed with helpful accounts of half-a-dozen relevant disciplines, rational model calculations, detailed savvy hardware specs, memoirs of false signals both na´ve and subtle, and much more. It ends, after some of Dr. SETI's songs, with a smile from Dr. Mom, the First XYL of SETI. Cool!

Philip Morrison (ex-W8FIS)
Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. SETI meets with SETI pioneer Prof. Phil Morrison (N6TX photo)

Editor's Note: It was SETI pioneer Philip Morrison who first proposed the radio search for extraterrestrial civilizations in 1959.

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