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Tune In The Universe!
Tune In The Universe!
by SETI League executive director Dr. H. Paul Shuch

Reviewed by Marcus Chown
New Scientist

Tune in the Universe, an interactive book on CD-ROM
Paul Shuch

$24.95 American Radio Relay League

Click on CD cover thumbnail for fullsize image

ONCE upon a time, only professional astronomers had the resources to search for intelligent radio signals from the cosmos. Now, with off-the-shelf satellite dishes and home PCs, anyone with a technical bent and a modest amount of cash can listen out for ET from their back garden. Let's hear it, then, for the SETI League, the international band of amateur astronomers and radio hams that has brought about this revolution. Its executive director, Paul Shuch, has put together a richly illustrated interactive CD-ROM that tells you all you need to know to participate in the quest to discover whether or not we are alone in the Universe.

Not only is Tune in the Universe! packed with practical advice on building your own SETI monitoring station, it contains fascinating background material on the prospects for extrasolar life and strategies for finding it.

There's even an opportunity to sing along with Shuch on classics such as "The SETI League Anthem" with its chorus: "I'm a believer, I've got a good receiver". You will be amused, entertained and educated by this delightful CD-ROM--whether or not you intend to get your hands dirty and actually build that SETI station. You can order copies at

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