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Press Relations Department

Translation of "Overcome The Great Silence!"

This translation of the documentary "Overcome the Great Silence!" is provided by Dr. Alexander L. Zaitsev. The Russian language video is available here.

[timing counter] Translation

[00:00 -- 00:34] Captioning data -- the title: "To Overcome the Great Silence", and offscreen narration by Vladislav Sidorov about Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), an Italian monk and philosopher, among his progressive ideas being the idea of multiplicity of habitable Worlds. Under torture of the Inquisition, he did not renounce of this ideas, his tongue was cut out, and he was burned at the stake in Campo dei Fiori in Rome.

[00:35-00:48] Theremin music, Sergey Rakhmaninov "Vocalize", performer Olesia Rostovskaia from Moscow Theremin Center

[00:49-01:06] Vlad: "400 years were passed, Catholic church publicly recanted and rehabilitated of Giordano, and now scientists try to make SETI in hope to detect other inhabited Worlds...

[01:06-01:16] Me: "I am not Giordano, if burning will be in danger of me, I change my line of work" and caption: Alexander L. Zaitsev, Dr. of physics and mathematics

[01:16-02:00] Vlad explain what does it means SETI and METI, and that after 1995, when the first exstrasolar planet was detected, such activity as SETI and METI got the scientific ground

[02:01-02:35] Vlad speaks about the Wow! Signal

[02:36-03:30] Vlad and I narrate about starting in 1998 the Cosmic Call project

[03:30-04:05] Vlad narrate about scientific and technical revolution in XX century.

[04:06-04:40] Our visit at 64-m radio telescope which is sited in Bear Lakes, 30 km North-East from Moscow, and narrate about Dutch survey squad, which is making documentary about Sending and Searching for Interstellar Radio Messages.

[04:40-05:24] My suggestion about SETI with this 64-m dish, in order try to detect intelligent radio signals from those 14 Sun-like stars, which were used as target during our 15 Cosmic Call 1999, Teen Age Message 2001, and Cosmic Call 2003, transmissions. My main supposition - "If our selections of above stars as a targets was made competently, than we have a prospect of success in our current searching"

[05:24-05:48] Evpatoria 70-m dish and Vlad's narrate about "MIR", "SSSR", "LENIN" words, which were transmitted from Evpatoria in 1962, see

[05:49-06:20 ] Arecibo 300-m dish and Vlad's narrate about Arecibo Message

[06:21-07:10] My explanation of three-section structure of Interstellar Radio Messages, see Table 1 and 2 in

[07:11-07:55] Vlad narrates about Thremin music instrument and about Leon Thremin, who invented this instrument in 1918 in St.-Petesberg

[07:56-08:20] Olesia Rostovskaia, Thremin performer, explain how it works (video shooting was made in Moscow conservatoire).

[08:20-8:36] My explanation about using of Theremin music for expressing for Aliens of our emotional inward (inner) life

[08:37-09:00] Olesia performs Vocalize (fragment), by Segey Rakhmaninov

[09:01-09:150] Vlad speaks about METI-phobia, and then I speak about absurdity of METI-phobia, see:

[09:52-10:20] Vlad speaks about Feb 2008 NASA Beatles Transmission and that it was the second musical radio message to ETIs

[10:21-10:40] Vlad speaks about first musical radio message to ETIs, which was sent in Aug-Sep 2001 from Evpatoria to nearest Sun-like stars in Aug-Sep 2001, see:

[10:41-11:22] Seminar in MAI (Main Astronomical Institute), devoted future Interstellar Radio Messages

[11:23-12:00] Vlad speaks about SKA and future projects, and after put a question to me: "Dr. Zaitsev, do you hope to wait till ETIs send us a replay from any of 15 target stars, which were used for messaging to THEM?"

[12:01-12:27] My answer to him: "Given such enormous distances and, consequently, long signal propagation time, communications should be mostly one-way -- our addressees receive our messages, and we, in turn, detect those who have chosen us as their addressees. This is how the Universe at a certain stage of its development appears for observers as inhabitable. Otherwise, centers of intelligence are doomed to remain lonely, unobserved civilizations", see:

[12:28-13:12] Evpatoria 70-m dish, Vlad speaks about Cosmic Call 2003 and that our first radio signal will reach the Cassiopeia in Apr 2036, star Hip 4872, see:

And Theremin music as a final...

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