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Membership Services Department

2009 Program Service Accomplishments
from The SETI League, Inc. IRS Form 990, Part III

(a) Science Programs:

  • Supported 144 Project Argus radio telescopes built by members in 27 countries on all seven continents. Coordinated their SETI and astrophysical observations. Argus stations analyzed and cataloged several new candidate signals during 2009.
  • Members' stations continued to monitor telemetry signals and science beacons from several NASA and ESA interplanetary space probes.
  • Provided Committee leadership (as co-chairman) to the SETI Permanent Study Group of the International Academy of Astronautics.
  • Five SETI League members were selected to serve on the Foreign Advisory Council of the newly formed SETI Korea Society.
  • SETI League members continue to lend computer support to the SETI@home distributed computing experiment, through the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Networked Computing (BOINC).

(b) Technology Programs:

  • Refined and reported on electromagnetic link analysis for an Interstellar Radio Message (IRM) beamed toward Alpha Centauri.
  • Coordinated and archived four closed technical email lists.
  • Inducted one additional amateur radio astronomer into the Extra-Terrestrial Century Club, bringing the total number of ETCC honorees to sixteen.

(c) Public Education Programs:

  • Executive Director Emeritus delivered ten SETI lectures on three continents.
  • The SETI League co-sponsored the Fifth International Radio Astronomy Congress in Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Our members coordinated the 2009 Technical Conference of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA), a SETI League affiliate, editing and contributing to the Proceedings for that Conference.
  • Executive Director Emeritus completed his term as Vice President for the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA), a SETI League affiliate.
  • Executive Director Emeritus published seven technical articles in scholarly journals and the popular press, plus six SETI related papers in Conference proceedings.
  • Provided webmastering services to several sister organizations, including the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers, International Academy of Astronautics SETI Permanent Study Group, and Invitation to ETI.
  • Distributed CD copies of "The SETI League Technical Manual" and "Tune In The Universe!", a radio amateur's guide to the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.
  • Officers and volunteer Regional Coordinators answered numerous email queries from around the world on technical and societal aspects of SETI.
  • Distributed numerous print and CD copies of various SETI League Conference Proceedings.
  • Released the third SETI League music CD, featuring a dozen new SETI songs.

(d) Media and Outreach Programs:

  • Published four issues of SearchLites, the quarterly newsletter of The SETI League, Inc.
  • Coordinated and archived two open public email lists.
  • Distributed eight Press Releases and twelve Editorials to over 700 media outlets worldwide.
  • Filed 52 weekly updates to The SETI League's extensive website.
  • Mailed out dozens of membership brochures to email requesters.
  • Several of our 60 volunteer Regional Coordinators in 46 countries conducted print and broadcast media briefings and interviews.
  • Executive Director Emeritus granted print media and broadcast interviews in the US, Germany, and Korea.
  • Awards Committee chairman presented the fourteenth annual Giordano Bruno Memorial Award, the eighth annual Orville N. Greene Service Award, and twelve SETI SuperStar Awards.

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