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Membership Services Department

2002 Program Service Accomplishments
from The SETI League, Inc. IRS Form 990, Part III

(a) Science Programs:

  • Coordinated 119 Project Argus radio telescopes in 22 countries, built and operated by volunteers, logging in excess of 100,000 hours of astrophysical observations.
  • Operated W2ETI Moonbounce Beacon, providing 2160 hours of free microwave calibration signals to the world's amateur and professional radio telescopes.
  • Provided Committee participation, webmastering, and web hosting services to the SETI Permanent Study Group of the International Academy of Astronautics.
  • 228 members contributed more than 100 years of processing time to the SETI@home distributed computing experiment.

(b) Technology Programs:

  • Completed Phase 1, Physical Structures, of the Very Small Array radio telescope prototype.
  • Filed US Patent Application #20020063657, Adaptive Microwave Antenna Array.
  • Coordinated and archived four closed technical email lists.
  • Inducted eight amateur radio astronomers into the Extra-Terrestrial Century Club.

(c) Public Education Programs:

  • Conducted SETICon02, The SETI League's second annual Technical Symposium, and published extensive Proceedings.
  • Distributed over 100 copies of "Tune In The Universe!", a radio amateur's guide to the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.
  • SETI League personnel delivered over 30 public lectures on radio astronomy techniques and related SETI science.
  • Published more than a dozen technical articles in the popular and scientific press.
  • Launched "Contact In Context," a new Web-based peer-reviewed SETI journal.
  • Provided webmastering services to the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers.

(d) Media and Outreach Programs:

  • Published four issues of SearchLites, the quarterly newsletter of The SETI League, Inc.
  • Coordinated and archived two open public email lists.
  • Distributed eleven Press Releases and twelve Editorials to over 700 media outlets worldwide.
  • Filed 52 weekly updates to The SETI League's extensive website, bringing its total document count to over 2500 pages.
  • 63 volunteer Regional Coordinators in 50 countries conducted more than 100 print and broadcast media briefings and interviews.
  • Executive Director performed SETI-related concerts at six different conventions and professional meetings in four countries.
  • Presented eighth annual Giordano Bruno Memorial Award, and first annual Orville N. Greene Service Award.

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