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Ask Dr. SETI ®

Chapter 5: Sociology

What Can A Kid Do?

Dear Dr. SETI:
Is there anything that a 15 year old kid could do to search for ET's without buying a radio telescope? Any info would be good.

Jamie, UK (via the SETI email list)

The Doctor Responds:
You've taken the first step, Jamie, by participating in the SETI email list. This is an excellent opportunity to educate yourself about the search for life in space. I hope you'll be able to follow it up with a visit to The SETI League's extensive website, where you'll find over 1200 documents, totaling about 40 MBytes (!) of membership and technical information.

The tasks which can be performed in support of SETI include hardware and software design and testing, writing, public speaking, fundraising, and collaborative radio astronomy (through a school or radio club), plus of course building one's own station. They are not limited by age, only by interest and enthusiasm. Should you choose to join The SETI League (you probably qualify for Scholarship Membership at half the normal dues), I'm sure you'll find ways to involve yourself in our various activities.

SETI League members receive a roster of other members, which will enable you to contact your local volunteer Regional Coordinator, as well as other SETIzens in your area with which you may care to tackle collaborative projects. We appreciate your interest in SETI, and hope you'll consider joining our League.

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