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Chapter 4: Psychology

ET Claims Posted to Twitter

Dear Dr. SETI:
There has been a twitter handle with over 8k followers, claiming to be aliens from another planet, the 'PntI'. They are using a human with telepathic powers to post, review and answer others questions and are based out in Albuquerque at the mountain site of Sandia. The twitter handle is &SandiaET they are claiming to have visited many followers and even made a couple promises to come to my house. Can you please investigate if indeed these aliens are living beneath Sandia Mountain? Thank you and please let me know what you find..
Michael (via email)

The Doctor Responds:
The very nature of Twitter makes it easily possible for anyone to impersonate anyone else, human or alien. The Null Hypothesis requires us to demand solid scientific evidence before giving any such claim credence.

A standard test for those alleging to be, or speak for, extraterrestrials is to ask the claimant to produce one fact presently unknown to humans, which can then readily be verified by members of the SETI Committee of the International Academy of Astronautics. Barring such evidence, we have no choice but to consider claims like this one to be fraudulent.

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