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Chapter 2: Biochemistry

Matchmaker for Single SETIzens?

Dear Dr. SETI:
I know you are not a matchmaker. But if someone like myself, who is very interested in SETI, wanted to get to know someone of the opposite sex who is also a member and very interested in SETI, what would you suggest? How about some sort of SETI singles club?

Gary, Ohio

The Doctor Responds:
The SETI League is a membership-supported nonprofit educational and scientific organization. We offer many membership benefits and activities, but a singles club is clearly not one of them. You are of course free to join The SETI League, and to put out feelers to other members through our various memebership communications channels (so long as you do not disrupt their primary mission).

If, however, you do find that compatible someone through The SETI League, please let us know -- it would be a first!

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