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Wouldn't it Be Lovell-y?
lyrics Copyright © 1999 by H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D.
sung to the tune of Wouldn't It Be Loverly?
from My Fair Lady, 1956 by Lerner and Lowe

Who constructed the dish I spied?
Out in the Cheshire countryside,
Near eighty meters wide!
Oh, wouldn't it be Lovell? He . . .
Studies quasars and pulsars too,
When it's cloudy, or skies of blue.
To taste the cosmic stew,
Oh, wouldn't it be Lovell-y?

Jodrell Bank, very near Manchester University,
That's where Bernard Lovell sees
As far as you'd care to see.

When Sir Bernard designed the dish
He (By Chance)* had a fervent wish:
To cast for cosmic fish
And wouldn't it be Lovell-y?

* a reverent reference to Sir Bernard's memoir, Astronomer By Chance

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