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The SETI League Anthem
lyrics Copyright © 1995 by H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D.
(Award Winner at Philcon '95 Songwriting Competition)
Music: verse Wishful Thinking by P. Alan Thiesen (used by permission)
chorus Pretty Redwing (traditional)

My satellite antenna is pointed at the sky
But I'm not watching television. Let me tell you why.
I'm searching for existence proof of any alien race
By sifting through the microwaves that fall from outer space.


I am part of the search that's known as SETI,
I'm a believer, with a good receiver.
There are coherent signals beaming at me,
And when I find one, then I'll say "Wow!"

Because the Drake Equation says that N is roughly L
I'm praying that the aliens are all alive and well.
By tuning through the Water Hole I'm sure to hear them call,
And when they do we'll finally know we're not alone at all.


Five thousand loyal amateurs all working as a team
Are making a reality of what was once a dream.
If we're to be successful, then I have a single wish:
Won't you please join the SETI League and build yourself a dish?

Final Chorus:

Come and join in the search that's known as SETI
Be a believer, get a good receiver.
There are coherent signals beaming at us,
And when we find one, we'll all go "Wow!"
It's gonna happen, any decade now.

Performed by Dr. SETI ® on the CD "Sing a Song of SETI" Sing a Song of SETI CD

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