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When They Build the 1HT
lyrics Copyright © 2000 by H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D.
sung to the tune of Rolling Down On Old Maui (traditional)

It's a damned hard life full of toil and strife
SETI scientists must endure.
For all we do, we are subject to
Public ridicule, that's for sure.
Still I'd not complain, if we could gain
Our very own SETI array.
So I'm glad to see that the 1HT
Will be ours 24 a day.


When they build the 1HT, my lads,
When they build the 1HT,
We'll do the search for life beyond earth
From the mighty 1HT.

Well the 1HT is going to be
Built from five hundred satellite dishes.
Not a Cyclops, yet it's a certain bet
It would satisfy Barney's wishes.
Jack Welch decrees wideband LNBs
Cryo-cooled to eighty K.
So it would seem we'll achieve our dream
Of a full time SETI array.


The great One Hectare Telescope
Is a very high cost pursuit.
Can the SETI Institute fund it all
And not become destitute?
I can now report there's been great support
From Myhrvold and Allen as well.
Other donors may sign on any day,
But only time will tell.


The engineers knew just what to do,
Took a tip from the radio hams.
Technology that is almost free
Is sufficient to scan the bands.
Still I must confess that there might be less
Signal strength than we can see.
So I suppose the array just grows
'Til we finally find ET.


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