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Announcing the Reprint of the Cyclops Report

Cyclops cover In 1971 a team of radioastronomers and engineers headed by Hewlett Packard vice-president Dr. Bernard M. Oliver spent ten weeks designing the ultimate SETI system. The results of their effort became known as Project Cyclops, the most advanced interstellar receiving system never built. The published account of their summer study session, the Project Cyclops report, became a SETI classic, the foundation for much of the work which followed. In the quarter-century since the Cyclops study group first convened, 10,000 copies of the Cyclops report were distributed by NASA. It is probably safe to say that every major player in SETI today cut his or her teeth on this document.

The Cyclops report had long been out of print. In 1995 The SETI League and SETI Institute initiated a joint project to reprint this important historical document. Just weeks before his untimely death, Barney Oliver prepared an Introduction to the Second Edition. After much deliberation, the two organizations decided to go forward with our publishing plans in Barney's memory.

Project Cyclops, Second Printing went on sale in June, 1996, honoring the 25th anniversary of the opening Project Cyclops meeting. Dr. John Billingham, who co-chaired the Cyclops team, has written a moving dedication to Barney Oliver, which appears in the new edition, along with introductory remarks by SETI League president Richard Factor and executive director H. Paul Shuch. Cover price of this facsimile edition is $20.00 postpaid to US addresses, or $25.00 elsewhere. Payment may be in US funds, checks payable on a US bank, or by credit card.

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