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SETI League 2005 Annual Membership Meeting
10 AM EDT, April 17, 2005
Armstrong Hall Room A136
The College of New Jersey
Ewing (Trenton) NJ

We regret to announce that The SETI League will not be hosting its traditional SETICon Technical Symposium for 2005. However, we will still hold our Annual Membership Meeting, this time in conjunction with another, equally worthy technical conference.

The 2005 Trenton Computer Festival (TCF), being held at the College of New Jersey (our usual SETICon venue) over the weekend of April 16-17, 2005, has generously offered to host The SETI League this year. This means they will provide us with meeting space for our Annual Membership Meeting, scheduled for Sunday morning, April 17, 2005, at 10 AM EDT. Our meeting will be held in Room A136 Armstrong Hall, on campus, and will be followed by an informal no-host lunch for those members interested. Driving directions and a Campus Map are available by following these links.

SETI League members desiring to avail themselves of a full weekend of social and technical activities are encouraged to register for TCF. If you wish to give a paper on a SETI-related topic, please feel free to do so in conjunction with the TCF Technical Program. For submission details, see the TCF Call for Speakers. Please identify yours as a SETI paper, and if there's enough interest, they will assign us our own room for Saturday talks. SETI League members registering for TCF are welcome to attend their other talks, as well as our scheduled sessions.

There is a registration fee for TCF. Details (including location, lodging, and scheduled activities) appear on the TCF Website. As usual, there will be no charge for simply attending the SETI League Annual Membership Meeting, and all members (and prospective members) are most welcome.

The SETI League is grateful to our friends at the Trenton Computer Festival and The College of New Jersey for hosting us in a year in which our own organization's finances preclude sponsoring our own technical event. Please show your appreciation to them, by registering for TCF, and attending both their events and our own meeting.

Follow this Link to photos from our 2004 Technical Symposium and Awards Banquet.

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