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Keynote Address
26 - 28 April 2002, Trenton NJ

SETI and the Post-Biological Universe
by Steven J. Dick, PhD

Presented at 1 PM on Friday, 26 April 2002

The SETI League, Inc. is pleased to announce the selection of astronomer and historian Steven J. Dick as Keynote Speaker for its upcoming SETICon02 Technical Symposium. Dr. Dick will speak on "SETI and the Post-Biological Universe" at 1 PM on Friday, 26 April, 2002 at The College of New Jersey, Trenton NJ.

Steven J. Dick has worked as an astronomer and historian of science at the U. S. Naval Observatory since 1979. He obtained his B.S. in astrophysics (1971), and MA and PhD (1977) in history and philosophy of science from Indiana University. Among other publications he is author of Plurality of Worlds (1982), The Biological Universe (Cambridge University Press, 1996), and Life on Other Worlds (1998), the latter translated into four languages. He is editor of Many Worlds: The New Universe, Extraterrestrial Life and the Theological Implications (2000). He has just completed his history of the Naval Observatory, Sky and Ocean Joined: The U. S. Naval Observatory, 1830-2000.

Dr. Dick served on former Vice President Al Gore's panel to examine the societal implications of possible life in the Mars rock, and is the recipient of the NASA Group Achievement Award for helping to initiate NASA's multidisciplinary program in astrobiology. He is on the Editorial Board of several journals, including the Journal for the History of Astronomy, and is an associate editor of the new International Journal of Astrobiology. He has served as Chairman of the Historical Astronomy Division of the American Astronomical Society, and as President of the History of Astronomy Commission of the International Astronomical Union.

Details of the SETICon02 Technical Symposium may be found online at

Dr. Steven J. Dick

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