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Book Review:
Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe:
What is Silenced by Astronomers
By Alexey V. Arkhipov
Moscow: Veche, 2004
432 pages, 65 illustrations
in Russian, ISBN 5-94538-446-1

Space anomalies are unusual and rare astronomical phenomena which are not yet included in the paradigm of contemporary science, and are thus excluded from the attention of the astronomical majority. However, it is precisely such space anomalies that are promising material in the search for "space wonders" - possible manifestations of extra- terrestrial intelligence. This book is a collection of the author's reviews on potentially interesting but disgraced phenomena.

The systematisation of diverse publications, which are as a rule from recognized scientific sources, in overview present several complexes of empirical facts, which seem to correspond to interpretations of possibly great significance in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Although other explanations are not excluded, the SETI aspects are interesting as important POSSIBILITIES. The ignoring of such possibilities is illogical and insecure from the perspectives of culture and the freedom of scientific inquiry, as well that of military security.

Two-thirds of the book, twenty chapters, is occupied by analytical reviews of different aspects of non-classical or non-signal SETI: the search for traces of interstellar migrations; the danger of military conflicts between space civilisations; the possibility of a secret presence of ETI in our Solar System; the state of archaeological reconnaissance on the Moon and Mars; the discussion on the status, strategies and methodology of modern SETI; and an overview of the SETI organisations which are involved in non-signal SETI. More recent results and more publications are taken into account here than were in the preceding book by this author (Selenites; Moscow: Novation, 1998).

In addition to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, the reader will find another eleven chapters on ignored astronomical phenomena such as the danger of superflashes of the Sun; unpredicted solar darkenings; ghost-comets; anomalous meteors; dust clouds and night lights on Mercury; mysteries of Venus and Jupiter; and some ethno- and archaeo-astronomical riddles. Even some cryptozoological problems are touched upon in the last chapter.

This various material illustrates the main conclusions of the book:

The book is provided with an extensive and detailed bibliography. This is a unique handbook in the field of forbidden astronomy. Amateurs and professionals alike will find in the book original ideas and interesting material from little known and rare sources.

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