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Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers meeting
NRAO, Green Bank WV, July 1998

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Thirteen of the twenty SETI League members in attendance at the 1998 SARA conference pose in front of the world's first amateur radio telescope (and, in fact, the world's first radio telescope!) This 10-meter diameter parabolic antenna was built by Grote Reber, W9GFZ, in 1937.
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For the past four years, SETI League executive director H. Paul Shuch has flown in to the NRAO airstrip in his modified Beechcraft Sierra, to attend the annual SARA conference. We are saddened to learn that when the 100 meter Green Bank Telescope (visible in the background) goes online next year, the airstrip will be decommissioned.
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The 100-meter diameter Green Bank Telescope, perhaps a year from First Light (I know, we said that last year!), now has its entire backing structure in place, awaiting installation of its over 2000 individually positionable reflector sections. Every year at the SARA conference we see more progress on the GBT.
AA0DQ photo

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