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SETI Symposium at the 1996 AAAS meeting
February 1996, Baltimore, MD

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Dr. Frank D. Drake, who conducted the very first modern Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in 1960, reminisces about Project Ozma and the early days of SETI. Dr. Drake is responsible for introducing the Drake Equation, which quantifies our ignorance about extra-terrestrial intelligent life. Dr. Drake serves on the SETI League Advisory Board. SETI League photo. thumbnail

Dr. Robert S. Dixon, deputy director of the Ohio State University Radio Observatory, talks about his plans to construct an Argus type telescope. Sometimes called a Sky Camera, the Argus array looks in all directions at once. Dr. Dixon serves on the SETI League Advisory Board. SETI League photo. thumbnail

Dr. H. Paul Shuch, the SETI League's executive director, presents the first annual Giordano Bruno Memorial Award to Dr. D. Kent Cullers, for his significant technical contributions to SETI. SETI League photo. thumbnail

Dr. Jill Tarter of the SETI Institute and Harvard University's Dr. Paul Horowitz relax at the Second Annual Bruno Memorial Dinner, after their AAAS SETI Symposium. Dr. Tarter had presented results of her recently completed Project Phoenix observations from Australia, and Dr. Horowitz had reported on his launch of Project BETA (Billion Channel Extra-terrestrial Assay). SETI League photo. thumbnail

SETI League founder and president Richard Factor makes one of his rare public appearances at the AAAS SETI Symposium in Baltimore, February 11, 1996. While other SETI League members continue to lecture and present papers in an attempt drum up public support, Factor prefers to work behind the scenes privatizing the research once conducted by NASA. SETI League photo. thumbnail

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