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UEK-21 Low-Noise Down-Converter

Designed for the purposes of the Radio Astronomers the UEK-21 converts the 21-cm Band 1420 - 1422 MHz to an IF of 28-30 MHz.

Technical Highlights

By changing the crystal and proper retuning the UED-21 can be used between 1100 ..... 1500 MHz
The UEK-21 is completely assembled, tested and ready for instant use.

Price is approximately 250 Euros, exclusive of shipping and handling.
Eurocheque and Eurocard/Mastercard accepted

We also design and manufacture super-low noise L-Band PHEMT Preamplifiers.
Please contact us for further information.
Check it out on INTERNET. In Germany:
In the US:

SSB Electronic GmbH
Ingenieurbüro für Nachrichtentechnik
Phone: 02371/9590-0 Fax: 9590-20

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