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Editor's Note: The following product has been discontinued. The data sheet is retained here for historical reasons.

Radio Astronomy Supplies' Seeker 2000 SETI System

Seeker 2000

Radio Astronomy Supplies is excited to feature this new product.
Please meet our fully dedicated SETI Receiver.

"SEEKER 2000"

The staff of Radio Astronomy Supplies has engineered this research tool, and with technical inputs from Dr. Paul Shuch, of The SETI League, we have come up with a state-of-the-art SETI receiver.


Seeker 2000

$1200 US + Shipping ($55.00 in US -- Contact us for Foreign Rates)
Six week delivery from the time we receive your order.

Radio Astronomy Suppies
P.O. Box 450546
Sunrise, FL 33345-0546
jeff_at_radioastronomysupplies_dot_com or 954 554-3739

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