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SETI Modifications for the ICOM 7000 Series Receiver

The ICOM model 7000 series is quickly becoming the receiver of choice among SETI League members. Here are some modification ideas passed along by SETI League member and Project Argus participant Denis Jakac:

The first modification will increase the scan rate by about 60%. It was originally done by Bob Parnass, AJ9S. The bottom cover must be removed and a partition plate, being retained by 4 screws, must be removed also. This will expose the component side of the LOGIC UNIT circuit board. You must locate a resistor labeled R18, near connector J5. It is here that you must place a 470k ohm resistor in parallel with R18. This allows the removal if desired later on to return the unit back to stock configuration. The original scan speed control and other functions remain in full operation.

Another good idea for this reciever is to disconnect the internal AC pwr. transformer and run an external power supply to feed the required 13.8vDC. This radio has a tendency to become very hot after prolonged operation. I would also mount another heat sink near the power supply.

I also have a concern about the relay in the R7000 which engages when the radio's 1 GHz button is pressed. It might be a good idea to modify the switching (add a jumper) semi-permanently to relieve the strain on the relay staying constantly engaged.

73 de Denis, VE3ZXN

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