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SETI League Vision and Mission Statements

Vision :

Recognizing that confirmed evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence will change forever our view of humanity's place in the cosmos, The SETI League, Inc. envisions a worldwide network of amateur and professional scientists working together to hasten our entry into the galactic community.

Mission :

To encourage and support the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence by:

  1. attracting a wide range of amateur and professional scientists into the SETI community;

  2. developing technologies to assist the SETI experimenter in assembling a workable radio or optical SETI observatory;

  3. disseminating hardware and software designs in support of SETI;

  4. coordinating SETI experimenters worldwide in conducting a thorough sky survey;

  5. providing a variety of forums and media for wide-ranging communication among SETI experimenters, enthusiasts, and organizations;

  6. designing, assembling, and operating advanced optical and radio telescopes;

  7. identifying and publicizing potential spin-off applications of SETI technologies; and

  8. raising public consciousness as to the importance and significance of a broad-based Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence that encompasses a variety of strategies.

The SETI League, Inc. is a membership supported, non-profit [501(c)(3)], educational and scientific corporation.

Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

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