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The SETI League's Asimov Memorial Limerick Contest has now ended. For your information, here are the details of what transpired:

Dr. Isaac Asimov, a staunch SETI proponent, was also an incurable limericist. In his memory, The SETI League, Inc. held a three-year long Limerick Contest for your amusement. Members were invited to submit a limerick in the classical form, dealing with some aspect of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Submissions were evaluated for scansion, originality, and appropriateness to the SETI theme.

The contest ran for three years. It began at The SETI League's First Annual Membership Meeting in March 1995, and ended at the Fourth Annual Membership Meeting in March 1998. Winning submissions are posted to this Web site, and published in our quarterly newsletter, SearchLites. Authors of winning limericks have been rewarded for their efforts with a coveted SETI League Pocket Protector. Here are the Official Contest Rules.

Here's a sample SETI limerick which was first posted in 1995 to start your creative juices flowing:

There once was a little green man
Whose signal I happened to scan
On the Hydrogen Line.
This antenna of mine
Is fulfilling The SETI League's plan.

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