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Proceedings of Microwave Update '95

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has for some years published the Proceedings of various regional and national VHF, UHF and Microwave conferences. These Proceedings contain a wealth of information which should prove beneficial to the more technically inclined SETI experimenter. They can be purchased through the ARRL, 225 Main Street, Newington CT 06111. Rus Healy, NJ2L, has most generously compiled the following Table of Contents:

The Next Generation of No-Tune Transverter--Rick Campbell, KK7B
An Engineering School Senior Project Approach to a 10.368-GHz Transverter Design--Rick Campbell, KK7B
More on Parabolic Dish Antennas--Paul Wade, N1BWT
Local Oscillators and Filters for 900 through 2400 MHz--Chip Angle, N6CA
LNA Stable Design Considerations--Tommy Henderson, WD5AGO
SETI, Exploding the Arecibo Myth--H. Paul Shuch, N6TX
A High-Quality Source for the 2.8 to 3.5 GHz Range--Sam Jewell, G4DDK
The Art of Building 24-GHz Equipment that Works--Toshi Takamizawa, JE1AAH
Real Solid-State Power on 24 GHz Using the FLR016FH, FLR026FH--Toshi Takamizawa, JE1AAH
Activity Report on 3456 and 5760 MHz EME--Al Ward, WB5LUA
Microwave Activity--Midwest Style--Tom Whitted, WA8WZG
An Everyday Route to 24 GHz Narrowband--Dave Robinson, G4FRE/WG3I
Using the California Microwave 11-026700 Transmitter Assembly--Dave Robinson, G4FRE/WG3I
Modern, High-Performance Narrowband Equipment for 10 GHz--Charles Suckling, G3WDG
A Fixed-Short Launcher for use with the DB6NT 24 GHz Designs--Charles Suckling, G3WDG
Experiences with the DB6NT 12/24 GHz Doubler--Charles Suckling, G3WDG
A Waveguide Filter for use with the DB6NT Mk2 24 GHz Transverter--Charles Suckling, G3WDG
10 and 24 GHz Loads Using Lossy Rubber--Charles Suckling, G3WDG
A 3 dB Hybrid Coupler for 10 GHz--Charles Suckling, G3WDG
+28 dBm 1296 MHz Power Amplifiers for No-Tune Transverters--Greg McIntire, AA5C
Improved Input Match for the EME Electronics 23150 PA--Dave Robinson, G4FRE/WG3I
Hard Soldering = Silver Soldering = Silver Brazing--John Anderson, WD4MUO/0
Enhancements and Integration of the DEM 144-1296 MHz No-Tune Transverter for EME Use--Ron (Hoppy) Hopkins, AA6WI
An Outboard Crystal Oscillator for the SHF LO Board--Craig S. Young, KA5BOU
VE4MA 5760 MHz Linear Polarization Feedhorn--Barry Malowanchuk, VE4MA
5760 MHz Linear Polarization Feedhorn with WR-137 Flange--Al Ward, WB5LUA
A 3 cm Detector/Source--Paul M. Wilson, W4HHK
Update to "A Simple Beacon System"--Dave Meier, N4MW
Using and Setting Up a Spreadsheet to Calculate Noise Figure--Chuck Steer, WA3IAC
A Coaxial Directional Coupler for UHF and Microwave Use--Jim Strandberg, W4VND
Microwave Update '94 Noise Figure Results--Al Ward, WB5LUA
Microwave Update '94 Group Photograph--Hal Bergeson, W0MXY

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