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Proceedings of the 1994 Central States VHF Conference

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has for some years published the Proceedings of various regional and national VHF, UHF and Microwave conferences. These Proceedings contain a wealth of information which should prove beneficial to the more technically inclined SETI experimenter. They can be purchased through the ARRL, 225 Main Street, Newington CT 06111. Rus Healy, NJ2L, has most generously compiled the following Table of Contents:

Subharmonic IF Receivers--Rick Campbell, KK7B
1296 MHz Amplifier Notes--Dave Meier, N4MW
Shielding No-Tune Printed Filters--Rick Campbell, KK7B
PROPLOG--Automated Propagation Monitor--Robert J. Carpenter, W3OTC
Fifteen Years of EME--Francis Shepard, W7HAH
Algonquin EME Expedition--Peter Shilton, VE3VD
Modulating a "Brick" Microwave Source for Beacon Service--Dave Meier, N4MW
Simple Antennas--How to Make 'em Cheap--Kent Britain, WA5VJB
How I Integrated a Siemens TWT into My Station--Dave Meier, N4MW
Our Early Heritage--A History of VHF--Bill Tynan, W3XO
A Simple 5 Band CW Transceiver--Rick Campbell, KK7B
Equidistant Azimuthal Projection Program for Amateur Use--Joseph Mack, NA3T
Transient Suppression and Protection--Charlie Chennault, WA5YOU
Notes on Down East Microwave 5760 MHz Transverter Assembly--Dave Meier, N4MW
Practical Electric Motors 101--Charlie Chennault, WA5YOU
The Console Station--Dave Meier, N4MW
North American VHF and Above DX Records--Emil Pocock, W3EP
27th Central States VHF Society Conference Preamp Measurement Results
2 Meter EME Standings--John Carter, K0IFL
23 cm EME Standings--Tommy Henderson, WD5AGO
13 cm EME Standings--Tommy Henderson, WD5AGO
1994 North American Beacon Register--144 MHz and Higher--Emil Pocock, W3EP
Central States VHF Society Proceedings--Cumulative Index--Dave Meier, N4MW

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