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Proceedings of the 1989 Central States VHF Conference

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has for some years published the Proceedings of various regional and national VHF, UHF and Microwave conferences. These Proceedings contain a wealth of information which should prove beneficial to the more technically inclined SETI experimenter. They can be purchased through the ARRL, 225 Main Street, Newington CT 06111. Rus Healy, NJ2L, has most generously compiled the following Table of Contents:

A Brief History of the Central States VHF Society--William A. Tynan, W3XO
Performance Measurements for EME Systems--Steve Powlishen, K1FO
Construction Drawings for a 16-Foot, 0.43 F/D Dish--Lester T. Cockram, KU4F
Parabolic Templates--An Alternative Approach--Lawrence E. Stoskopf, N0UU
To Build or Not to Build a Dish--Ed Gray, W0SD, and Marc Thorson, WB0TEM
Selection of an Optimum Dish Feed--Barry Malowanchuk, VE4MA
A Single Board No-Tuning 23 cm Transverter--Richard L. Campbell, KK7B
Engineering Notes on the 23 cm Transverter--Richard L. Campbell, KK7B
1296 MHz Equipment and Activity--Thomas Henderson, WD5AGO
432 MHz EME Portable--Tim Pettis, KL7WE
Putting the United Nations on 70 cm EME--Al Katz, K2UYH
Radio Propagation Models for US-European Six Meter Communications--T. Rappaport, N9NB, et al
Public Domain Software if Interest to VHF/UHF Radio Amateurs--Al Katz, K2UYH
Amplifier Simulation Program--Charles H. Reichert, KD9JQ
Calculations for Power Splitters or Transmission Line Transformers--Jerry Seefeld, WA9O
1/4 Wavelength Two-Port Dividers--Ron Neyens, N0CIH
220 MHz SSB Activity Directory--Peter Beedlow, NN9K, and Lowell DePoy, K9LQZ
HORNGAIN.BAS: Gain of Rectangular Waveguide Horn Antennas--H. Paul Shuch, N6TX
24 GHz Antenna Range--Kent Britain, WA5VJB
Meteor Scatter Contact Sequences--Mel Larson, KC0P
Small System EME on 432 MHz--John Stefl, WA9FWD
Microwave EME Notes--Kent Britain, WA5VJB, and Greg Raven, KF5N
CSVHFS 3818 kHz Net--Kent Britain, WA5VJB
JM1MCF's Noise Smoothing Filter--Al Katz, K2UYH
Multiple Time Delay Filter--Piero Moroni, I5TDJ
The Great Aurora of March 13-14, 1989: Some Preliminary Observations and Analyses--Emil Pocock, W3EP
Antenna Measurement Contest

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