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Electronic Dissemination of SETI League Material

In order to promote the widest possible dissemination of SETI League material, the Trustees of The SETI League, Inc. have adopted these Policies regarding noncommercial distribution of documents appearing on The SETI League's Web site (

  1. SETI League members in good standing are encouraged to distribute any and all SETI League Web materials electronically, by cross-posting to Usenet and News groups, Electronic Bulletin Board Systems, Fido Net, Packet Radio Bulletin Boards, Email Lists, and related technologies, consistent with good Internet etiquette.

  2. No charges whatever may be made by any party for electronic distribution of such SETI League material.

  3. All material so posted must bear the following copyright statement:
    "Reproduced from The SETI League Web site,, by permission. Copyright © (current year) by The SETI League, Inc. All rights reserved."

  4. Documents so posted shall be distributed in their entirety, and may not be modified in any way except as required above.

  5. Because the SETI League Web site is updated weekly, members posting such material are encouraged to check the Site frequently and update their postings when the contents have changed substantially.

  6. Members are asked to notify The SETI League, by email to info_at_setileague_dot_org, when any of our Web material is so distributed.

  7. SETI League, Dr. SETI, and the SETI League logo are service marks of The SETI League Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.

  8. These Policies shall have the force and effect of Bylaws of The SETI League, Inc. They may be amended as necessary from time to time by the Board of Trustees. Amendments or revisions shall become effective as of the date of their posting to the World Wide Web site of The SETI League, Inc.

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