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Ham Radio SETI Nets

Although a ham radio license is certainly not a prerequisite to SETI League participation, many of our members do happen to be active radio amateurs. In order to improve communication, coordination and cooperation between those members worldwide, our Area Coordinators have established the following regular on-the-air gatherings. All interested radio amateurs are invited to participate.

DayTimeFreqNet ControlComments
Saturday1400 Z3.710G4HJW or G0VQH
Saturday1600 Z14.204K5PT or NJ1A
Sunday1000 Z14.204DJ0BImonitoring top of hour
Sunday1100 Z14.204DJ0BImonitoring top of hour
Sunday1200 Z14.204DJ0BImonitoring top of hour
Sunday1300 Z14.204DJ0BImonitoring top of hour
Sunday1600 Z14.204K5PT, NJ1A
Monday1800 Z3.775G4KIR

All frequencies are +- QRM. Note that the US and German operations occur on 14.204 MHz, the "official SETI League frequency," selected as being equal to exactly one percent of the neutral Hydrogen line much used for radio astronomy and SETI. Members worldwide may wish to seek contacts with other SETI enthusiasts on this frequency, any time favorable propagation occurs. Try calling "CQ SETI" if the frequency is not in use.

Members are encouraged to inform us of other nets which should be posted here. Please email info_at_setileague_dot_org.

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