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Editor's Note: SETI League members in good standing are invited to contribute items to this column. Please email your submission to our Webmaster.

August 2002: SETI League member Cliff Pickover just published four science-fiction books in a Neoreality series, in which characters explore parallel universes. The titles of the books are: Liquid Earth, The Lobotomy Club, Sushi Never Sleeps, and Egg Drop Soup. More information is available at Pickover's web site,

March 2001: Spacefaring: The Human Dimension, a new book by SETI League member Prof. Al Harrison, has just been published by the University of California Press. . This work focuses on the psychological and social aspects of spaceflight: why people are willing to brave danger and hardship to establish a human presence in space; how human behavior and culture have shaped past and present missions; and how they may shape future missions as well. It begins with the earliest flights and looks forward to space tourism, space settlements, and interstellar travel, but the emphasis is on the next steps towards human occupation of space: completion of the International Space Station, a return to the Moon, and our arrival on Mars. In addition, Prof. Harrison looks at spacefarers themselves (how they are selected, how they are trained, how they live and work, what they do on furlough and after retirement) and at the broad organizational and political contexts that shape human progress towards the stars.

For further information, follow this link.

July 2000: The SETI League congratulates regional coordinator Tom Crowley on being elected President of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA). Members Chuck Forster and Jeffrey Lichtman have also been named SARA Directors.

July 2000: Regional Coordinator Larry Klaes has written The Robot Explorers of Venus for Quest, the History of Spaceflight Quarterly. Part One appears in Volume 8, No. 1, pp. 26 - 38.

June 2000: Charter Member and EME Committee chairman Allen Katz, K2UYH, of West Windsor, New Jersey, was among those recently elected to be a Fellow in the IEEE -- the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Congratulations, Al!

October 1999: The SETI League congratulates Keith Baker on his election to the presidency of AMSAT, the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. AMSAT is a SETI League affiliated society, and Keith is a SETI League Charter Member.

April 1999: Since possible fossil evidence of Martian microbes has been found in meteorites on Earth, a good place to seek other such artifacts of extra-terrestrial life may be the heavily cratered lunar surface. Alexey V. Arkhipov, SETI League regional coordinator for Ukraine, has proposed Project SAAM II (Search for Alien Artifacts on the Moon II) to compile a catalogue of promising lunar objects for archaeological reconnaissance in situ. He plans to spend two years researching lunar morphology at under-explored scales of 10m-1km, and catalogue peculiar lunar formations of unknown types. The SETI League (which, after all, is involved in electronic archaeology) has offered to publish Dr. Arkhipov's findings.

October 1998:    SETI League member Cliff Pickover just published "The Science of Aliens" (Basic Books, ISBN 0-465-06314-X).  It is lavishly illustrated and contains scientifically-based speculation regarding alien life.  The illustrations and frequent references to popular culture should make it appeal to all ages.  More information on "The Science of Aliens" can be found here. (For fans of the SETI League, this book even has two wonderful photos of Dr. H. Paul Shuch, the Executive Director of the SETI League.)

June 1998: SETI League member Cliff Pickover recently published two popular science books Time: A Traveler's Guide (Oxford University Press) and Strange Brains and Genius: The Secret Lives of Eccentric Scientists and Madmen (Plenum). The time travel book probes mysteries that have baffled mystics, philosophers, and scientists throughout history -- What is the nature of time? Is time travel possible? The "Strange Brains" book takes readers on a wild ride through the bizarre lives of brilliant, but eccentric geniuses who made significant contributions to science and philosophy. Chapters (in both books) on aliens and the UFO abduction experience should be of interest to SETI League members. More information can be found at Dr. Pickover's web site.

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