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Minutes of the Second Annual Membership Meeting
21 April 1996, Little Ferry NJ

The meeting was called to order by Executive Director Dr. H. Paul Shuch at 1540 hours EDT, following the Project Argus launch ceremonies, at SETI League Headquarters, 433 Liberty Street, Little Ferry NJ. Members present:

Richard Factor, President
H. Paul Shuch, Executive Director
Marc Arnold, Trustee
Heather Wood, Administrator
Gloria Albasi
Brian Earle
Tom Gilbert
Orville Greene
Ricky & Janet Kagan
Pamela Pinali
Debra Poenisch
Joe Shapiro
Debra Spencer
plus nine invited guests.

Our Bylaws requiring one percent of the current membership to be in attendance for the conduct of SETI League business, the above represents a quorum.

Election of Officers:
Richard Factor, to continue as President: nominated by Heather Wood, seconded by Gloria Albasi, elected by acclamation.
Diana Davidson (not present) was unanimously re-elected as secretary.

Treasurer's Report:
In the absence of treasurer Marty Schreiber, summarized by Richard Factor. We have enough money to continue operations, and are working to achieve more in memberships, donations, and sale of merchandise.

At this point, we have 309 members in good standing, including 8 Life Members, in 39 states and 15 other countries. Our goal for the first full year was 150 memberships, including 15 life memberships.

A fax from Alfred Mosser, member in Switzerland, was read. Several other greetings from dignitaries and members were posted on the wall for all to read.
Fifteen Project Argus participant survey forms have been returned to date.
Our World Wide Web site has been continuously operational on a UNIX server for 16 months. Through the Internet we have received around 1,000 membership inquiries. Many others have been received by mail and phone.

Tax Status:
Trustee Marc Arnold reminded us that The SETI League is a [501(c)(3)] non-profit educational and scientific corporation, and therefore contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

H. Paul Shuch, our Executive Director, has joined us on a one-year sabbatical from Pennsylvania College of Technology. The College has graciously extended his leave for a second year, through 15 August 1997, that he might continue his service to The SETI League.

The low-noise microwave preamplifier designed by Dr. Shuch is being manufactured by Down East Microwave, with royalties being paid to The SETI League for each unit sold.
The Technical Manual (explaining how to set up your own SETI station) is available in printed form, although the most up-to-date version is available on The SETI League's web pages.

Twenty-five years ago, NASA convened a summer study group and designed Project Cyclops, the blueprint for a SETI search of unprecedented magnitude. In cooperation with The SETI Institute, we are reprinting this original historic document in facsimile edition, which will be available for in June $20. The head of the Project Cyclops group, Bernard M. Oliver, who went from being Vice President of Engineering at Hewlett Packard to heading the NASA SETI program, wrote an introduction to the second edition of Project Cyclops just before he died. The new edition also includes a tribute to Dr. Oliver by Dr. John Billingham, plus some introductory material by Richard Factor and Dr. H. Paul Shuch.

We had to cancel the projected conference in Trenton because of scheduling difficulties with the BioAstronomy Conference in Capri.
Dr. Shuch reported on his travels: he has attended 42 conferences, from scientific to ham radio to science fiction. The expenses of attending these conferences is just about covered by the new members we attract, merchandise we sell, and Dr. Shuch's honoraria as guest speaker, which he turns back to The SETI League.
The first BioAstronomy Conference took place in 1961, at NRAO Green Bank. Frank Drake, Barney Oliver, Otto Struve, Carl Sagan, John Lilly, Philip Morrison, Dana Atchley Jr., J. Peter Pearman, Su Shu Huang, and Melvin Calvin were present. The second of these Conferences was held in Byurakan, Soviet Armenia in 1971, the third in Montreal, Canada in 1979, the fourth in 1991 at U. C. Santa Cruz. Since we now know how to detect planets orbiting faraway stars, the conference will now be held every five years. Dr. Shuch's paper on Project Argus has been accepted for this year's Conference, to be held in Capri in July. Only six SETI papers were accepted out of 300 total abstracts.

We have received quite a lot of press attention, including articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Morris County Daily Record, Newark Star-Ledger, the Daily Telegraph and Evening Gazette (UK), Outside magazine and Air and Space Smithsonian. Dr. Shuch has also been interviewed on radio and television in the US, the UK, and Canada, and authored articles for QST and Analog.

Concluding Remarks and Adjournment:
Richard Factor then spoke, thanking Dr. Shuch for his endeavors on behalf of the League. We watched a videotape of Dr. Shuch's interview on WNEP- TV, then he sang his latest composition, "Jansky's Song," and the meeting adjourned at 1615 hours EDT.

Respectfully submitted, A. Heather Wood, Administrator

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