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Members' Use of The SETI League Logo

Rule 19 of The SETI League's Membership Categories and Terms states:
19 - Members of The SETI League, Inc. may display a facsimile of the official Seal of The SETI League, Inc. in their personal correspondence, and in electronic media such as (but not limited to) World Wide Web personal Home Pages. Members will notify The SETI League, Inc. of any such electronic reproduction or distribution which they make of said Seal.
In order to implement the above rule, the Trustees of The SETI League, Inc. have adopted these Policies regarding members' noncommercial use of The SETI League's logo:
  1. For the convenience of our members, the animated GIF seen at the upper left corner of this (and all other) SETI League Web pages is available to download, from This image is 100 pixels wide, and its GIF file runs 5 kiloBytes. To capture it from Netscape, for example, click on the above hot-link. Then from the "File" pulldown at the top of the screen, select "save as". Now type the path to which you want the image saved on your own hard drive, followed by the file name "logosml.gif." Some browsers and operating systems will also allow you to download an image by pointing at it and clicking with the right mouse button.

  2. SETI League members in good standing are encouraged to dispaly this animated GIF on their personal Web pages. We further request that the image be made a hot-link to The SETI League's Web site. Here's a sample piece of html code which will accomplish that task:

    <a href="">
    <img src="logoanim.gif" border=0 alt="SETI League logo" width=100 height=71></a>

  3. Please notify The SETI League, by email to info_at_setileague_dot_org, when our logo is added to any Web page.

  4. "SETI League" and The SETI League logo are Copyright © 1995 and ® registered service marks of The SETI League, Inc. Our copyright requires that members displaying The SETI League Logo use it in its entirety, without modification of any kind other than necessary resizing.

  5. These Policies shall have the force and effect of Bylaws of The SETI League, Inc. They may be amended as necessary from time to time by the Board of Trustees. Amendments or revisions shall become effective as of the date of their posting to the World Wide Web site of The SETI League, Inc.

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