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Alexey V. Arkhipov was born in Kharkov (East Ukraine) in 1959. His education includes an M.S. in astronomy (Kharkov State University 1981) and a Ph.D. in astrophysics and radio astronomy (Main Astronomical Observatory of Nat. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine, Kyiv, 1998). His Dissertation was titled "New approaches to the problem of search for extra-terrestrial intelligence".

Alexy's professional experience includes the following SETI-related positions:

In addition to SETI, his area of specialization includes studying the Decametric radio emmissions of Jupiter.

Alexey is a member of the Society for Planetary Research (SPSR), and of the SETI Center, Moscow, Russia. Here are abstracts of two of his current research activities:

Project SAAM (Search for Alien Artifacts on the Moon) was developed by the author in 1992. The justifications of Lunar SETI, the wording of specific principles of lunar archaeology and the search for promising areas on the Moon were the first stage of the project (1992-95). Already obtained results of lunar exploration show that the search for alien artifacts on the Moon is a promising SETI-strategy especially in context of the lunar colonization plans.
The purpose of the second SAAM stage is the search for promising objects on the Moon for archaeological reconnaissance in the future. Computer algoritms are proposed and realised for automatic search for unusual formations on Clementine's HIRES images. This survey is in progress.
The author has shown that finds of extraterrestrial artifacts are possible on the Earth, even if visits of extraterrestrials to the Earth were not realised. Even without interstellar flights, the spontaneous leakage of interplanetary debris into the interstellar medium is inevitable (by e.g. gravitational interaction with the planets). That is why I am collecting information about promising finds in prehuman layers and among pseudometeorites.

Selected Papers:

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