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SETI League Affiliate Societies

It is the policy of The SETI League, Inc. to affiliate itself with organized, non-commercial Amateur Radio, Astronomy, and Radio Astronomy groups or societies of kindred aims and purposes with a view to forming a homogeneous organization for unity of action in matters affecting amateur participation in a global search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The organizations listed below are official SETI League Affiliate Societies, and we thank them for their support.

Please Note: The sites linked below are maintained by the organizations indicated. The SETI League assumes no responsibility for their content.

AMSAT logo Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT)

Area31 logo Area31 Research Facility

Artemis logo Artemis Society

CSVHFS logo Central States VHF Society

ERAC logo European Radio Astronomy Club

KLI logo Klingon Language Institute

PI Club logo Peregrinus Interstellar

SARA logo Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

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